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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Musicat I'm doing alright, just working alot and having a weird schedule that doesn't leave alot of time for me to do much on Mabi unfortunately. I have a couple new outfits I need to get around to posting that's hopefully more of your taste and thank you :) How have you been?

    Hello! I always liked Magic Tricks and Magicians. I thought the Pan’s Magic Game Board Event was pretty neat (minus the board part LOL least there were less outs). What kind of was a bummer was that the outfit I have shown here, was only from boxes when you finished the board RIP. I tried for awhile but kept watching prices for the outfit as well (my luck with RNG boxes not so good, gacha or event boxes). When it dropped down to my price range, I went ahead and brought the outfit. Definitely prefer this outfit over the pants version, the stockings though didn’t look too good in pink (guess the pink skin didn’t help either LOL) so I went ahead and dyed them straight black and like how they came out. Opted for different shoes and was wearing this wig at the time so I decided to keep it and remove the wings/tail I was using. Love the idle it comes with and the design of the outfit. Definitely loving all the leggings/tights/stockings some of the outfits are coming out with.



    Outfit: Street Magician Stocking Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Winter Royal Elegant Wig (F)
    Shoes: Winter Royal Elegant Long Boots (F)
    Accessories: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Cat Face Mask
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Tabari Sorry late replying but super adorable, love the sandals you wore with the outfit. :)

    Sorry its been 2 weeks since I posted, RL has gotten hectic and work schedule changing and been less active on Mabi but looks like it'll be back to normal soon and I'll be more active again. Still playing catch up to my Tumblr so here's the next outfit.

    Hello! I’m excited to show this outfit finally (after months of having it LOL). I have the complete set but decided to use the wig with a different outfit. I really liked how the Dashing Pirate Wig (F) looked with this outfit. The sleeves/belt were bit of a challenge and I was unsure if I wanted to dye the shirt brown or leave it white. After dyeing it brown, decided I liked it better brown haha and just dyed the belt/sleeves. Dyed the sandals to match the belt/sleeves as well. Dyed the gloves light pink since it was contrast enough to show (rather than dyeing it brown or dark pink). Absolutely love the pose (and flashing camera lights) except when trying to take pictures LOL. I forgot to put title back on for Lucky Spotlight but did get a picture with the Floral Photo Booth Studio Set which I thought was a pretty awesome chair. Also have pictures of Jae with the male outfit <3 More pictures on my Tumblr if you guys want to check it out :D




    Outfit: Special Floral Regalia Dress (F)
    Headpiece: Dashing Pirate Wig (F)
    Shoes: Floral Regalia Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Floral Regalia Bracelet (F)
    Accessories: Floral Photo Booth Studio Set
  • Farewell to Mari

    Have a good day :) See you on Nao!
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari Thank you!

    Hello! This will technically be my last Daily Fashion Outfit on Mari (I have one more I took pictures of but it probably won’t be up till after the Server Merge). My good friend (seen in the pictures with me) ran Tech missions and got this armor crafted for my Birthday. ;o; I’m not an armor person but I do love the designs of some of the newer armor that came out recently. I actually just brought a pair of Mysterious Shoes (I had a pair long time ago but I sold them RIP) and decided to dye them to wear with this armor. Also wearing Marleid’s Gauntlets (F) cause i love how the metals matched (the metal on the armor is not dyeable RIP). I’ve had this Dragon Fang for years, it originally came pink (from an old gach) and its been sitting on a pet. I took it out recently for a picture. Also loving my friend’s outfit, its the dress I want to get but will probably wait till it gets re-released or maybe little closer in my price range. The red and golds look really good and love how the Hebona shoes and the Abaddon gloves (not sure which version) look with the outfit.



    Outfit: Geas Devastation Chestplate (F)
    Headpiece: Dashing Pirate Wig (F)
    Shoes: Mysterious Shoes
    Gloves: Marleid’s Gauntlets (F)
    Accessories: Dominion Wings (Dyeable), Dragon Fang

    Also here's pictures from the Daily Fashion Meet-up! So I took couple pictures that look the same LOL but slight differences (I'll post 1 on here, rest are on my tumblr). Hopefully everyone likes how they came out :D The giant that came kind of look like a ghost and I didn’t realize it till after everyone started leaving so I asked to take a picture just with him (and my friend getting coffee in the background) Thank you those who came to the last Daily Fashion Meet-Up of Mari. Hopefully can get meet-ups started up again and will definitely have one for Nao after server merge. C:



    Thank you to everyone who posted on this thread :) Hope to see you guys on Nao (and Nao Forums).
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari Yeah that's true, its getting closer. :) Thinking of doing a meet-up before or after the merge, been awhile since I set up one and would be nice to have a picture of Mari fashion meet up before the merge and then Nao fashion meet up after :D I'll post soon as I have times figured out.

    Hello! I was pretty happy when I gached out the Eluned Afternoon Tea Jacket (F) (Though I’d prob been more happy had it been the Cheerful Bride Dress LOL) since it was one of the Eluned outfits I was missing. Now I’m only missing the Eluned Pitch Black Uniform (which hasn’t been re-released even tho the Eluned Mortello has twice RIP) and the ones that haven’t made it to NA yet. I switched it up a bit, made the coat brown instead of pink though it drove me nuts that the socks were pink so I couldn’t use most of my sneakers (which were all pink too RIP). I did opt to use the Upbeat Barista Shoes (F) and liked how it looked.



    Outfit: Eluned Afternoon Tea Jacket (F)
    Headpiece: Felt Wig
    Shoes: Upbeat Barista Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings