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  • Mabinogi Easter Egg Hunt!

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    The event page says we have to "help" 30 times to receive the bag coupon, but the event doesn't run for 30 days does it? More like 20 days... How to do?

    I'm assuming you have to do both the quests, getting 30 eggs and staying online till you get all 5 balloons for the dyeing quest. I'm around helping him 6 times so far. :) So total times you can help him if you started on 29th doing both quests is about 40.
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Scavern Very vibrant haha love it :D and HI BOSS! <3

    @Anemki Ahh okay I'll keep that in mind thank you and agree, they're really nice. Also congrats on the Eluned Alchemist, its good to see it again. and it has one of my favorite idles. Yeah guessing that hairstyle was just as rare as the wig itself. Also love the background in Taillteann, the Alchemy House looks really nice :)

    Hello! Since the Royal Academy Home Ec Teacher Set was re-released, thought I’d pick one up. I dyed it similarly to how my Assistant Teacher outfit looks like (Brown Skirt, Pink Shirt). Love how it came out. Originally I was gonna do Clever Student Wig but since I already used that with the Cessair Officer, decided to go with Pihne Wig instead. Though I love how they both look with the outfit. Instead of short boots, I used Starlet Circle Boots and since its short sleeves, I used the Femme Bangles.



    Outfit: Royal Academy Home Ec Teacher Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Pihne Wig
    Shoes: Starlet Circle Boots (F)
    Gloves: Femme Bangles
    Accessories: Pink Diamond Wings
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Scavern BOSS a little late replying haha haha but welcome and its okay :D Love the look and the colors, I don't see that color blue-purple around often. :D

    @Anemki Oh haha that's no problem :D It looks pretty nice with outfits, doesn't clip like my squirrel tail does sometimes haha. Oh nice congrats on the other tails and its a good movie :D I agree about the Eluned outfits, they're pretty awesome. I'm hoping they release more in the future, especially an Eluned Detective (F) since I really liked the male version more than the female one. The Urban I saw a preview of it someone posted and was super excited when I saw it was coming. It looks good in your colors, I'll have to post my version later. The only really good thing I gached out haha :D

    @Chibisai Hello and loving the outfit. I saw you in Belvast and thought it was really cute how you paired the Nekone Wig with it, especially as you said it has stripes just like the skirt.

    Hello! I actually wasn’t going to get the Sturdy Ox Armor (F) but then I saw how awesome someone’s armor came out and decided I wanted to see how mine would look in my colors. There’s no brown since only one part is cloth while the other two are metal. The gray design on the skirt is part of the metal so I left it as it was. I don’t have the other pieces so I used the Avelin Greaves and Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F) which end up hidden by the sleeves. Still sporting the Pihne Wig haha and love using the new gestures for poses. Also got a picture with Milk who was dyeing the Count Cookie Suit with dyes from the Fantasia pets. <3



    Outfit: Sturdy Ox Armor (F)
    Headpiece: Pihne Wig
    Shoes: Avelin Greaves
    Gloves: Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F)
    Accessories: Fluffy Squirrel Tail
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! Since the old forums were replaced, figured I should start up the thread again :) I'm not exactly sure how the HTML will work but we'll see how it goes haha. Thank you everyone who had posted on the old thread and got it up to 100 pages. :o Hope we can get it there again!


    Hello there! My name is Cariceci and I love fashion! I love seeing what other people wear and how they coordinate their outfits. So I'm making this thread so people can share their love of fashion or just for fun what outfit they're wearing. It doesn't have to be expensive, flashy, or rare, I want to see all styles, colors, and coordinations. Your outfit can be the most expensive on the server or the cheapest to buy. Made up of NPC brought items only or Event only, everything and everyone is welcomed!


    First thing is first, take a picture of the outfit you're wearing! You can do this by screenshotting when you're in Mabinogi. Videos are also welcome! Then you upload to a sharing site, I use Imgur but there are others out there! You upload your picture from your computer onto the hosting site and then take the link (If its Imgur, right click the image and copy the image address) and put it in [|img]Image Here [/img] (without the straight line in front of the img haha) but there's also a button that will do it for you which is faster (looks like a Polaroid). If your picture is too large, be sure to quote it so we can see the whole thing! There's a button to do it when posting but here's the code for it as well: [|quote][/quote] (Without the | in front of the q). Also I think that the post will re-size the picture if its too big so don't worry about quoting (I'll be testing this soon to see and will edit accordingly) :)

    Then in your post if you didn't include your name in the screenshot/video, please include your name and server if you're not from Mari! Other servers are welcome to come post but unfortunately will not be able to receive a weekly prize that is given out. You guys will still be featured on the main post and a thank you note will be sent for posting! Also if you are able wait to post one "Fashion of the Day" post per day, that would be greatly appreciate to be fair to the other people who posted and waited! Feel free to post as many pictures as you like in that one post though!

    Also you don't have to list the items you're wearing, I do this so if someone hasn't seen an item before, they know what it is. :)


    Everyone who posts will receive a thank you note and gift sent to them. You can only receive it once per week even if you post every day during the week! I'm sorry I won't be able to send the gift to people on other servers but I will send a thank you note for posting! There will also be random small prizes given out once per week to an outfit(s) that stand out! It can be based on an outfit coordination, silliest outfit, or color schemes! I will have several people helping to choose so I won't be leaning towards one specific outfit every time. These prizes can includes dyes that match the color scheme, clothing, or gold depending on my bank at the time. I can also take donations will which be used specifically for winner(s) each week!


    Fashion Meet-Up

    Here's the times:

    June 1st, 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST. PORT CEANN CH1

    TBA, 1:00 PM PST, 4:00 PM EST. PORT CEANN CH4

    Exact Location:

    To reach Port Ceann, you head south of Bangor and going through Morva Aisle until you reach the Port.

    Please feel free to invite your friends! There will be Drinks and Snacks provided if anyone is interested. Also games but mostly just hanging out and talking about fashion

    I will be there early but feel free to come whenever, will end whenever people have to go!

    Feature Fashion(s) This Week

    On hold for now!

    Lastly thank you everyone who has been posting outfits. It makes me very happy to see more activity and more faces. I hope everyone continues to keep coming back. Also thank you for all the positive feedback about the thread! I'm so happy that everyone is having fun here.

    Congrats to the Feature Fashion Winners again!


    Just a side note, if you take a picture with someone, be sure to have their permission before posting it up. I know some people don't like having a picture of their character on the forums and we don't want any trouble to start up. I'm sure friends don't mind but doesn't hurt to ask if you're not sure.

    Also if you see me in game, feel free to say hi. If I don't reply I might have gone afk but leave me a note or try to add me (I might not have space haha so note first DX ) and I'll reply soon as I'm back.

    Here is my tumblr if you would like to see my daily outfits (or submit your own on there).

    Thank you so much to Liriope for the help with editing, the prizes ideas and encouraging me to start this!

    Notice: Please also be respectful of other people's outfits, no need to bring negativity here, only positive!
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