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  • [EVENT] Summer Master Plan (Week 11)

    Poeta wrote: »
    Very disappointing... I'm already finish everything, but like to help out others, I like to always make the translations and helping people with any question about events, and they count about the info you already put on the event, you should listen more carefully the players, because of this so many players being affected and they needed the AP, I don't like how you always manage the events, lack of info and not enough details. Hope you at least read my comment, because you always ignore everything.

    Comments like these are the reason why it seems as though they ignore everything. Address them with the same respect you would like to be addressed with yourself.
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Sorry for that! Our goof, but the buff should now be active as of about 30 minutes ago.

    No worries! I was more concerned about the buff for my friends than I was myself. Glad to see that the change was made, and that's it up and running now!

    We tried "respecting" them. We still got ignored.

    We've just had it up to here with their inability to listen.

    btw, it's their JOB to listen to us, no matter how crass we may be.
  • Bring back Inventory Expansion Coupons!

    You mean, you want them to bring back something that isn't only beneficial, but something that people can only purchase a limited amount of?

    As in, not something that NA can milk dry?

    That's generous. Which is against Nexon's MO.
  • A few homestead QOL improvements

    I thought the use of the other mansion rooms was supposed to come from a future update....
    That we either skipped, or hasn't even happened for Korea yet.
  • Items, pets and events we no longer see.

    Pectyl wrote: »
    noobodyzxz wrote: »
    for collab/cross over items relaunching it might be impossible because most of it are included in a copyright contract
    releasing it back into the market may require a new contract from the owners of the copyright

    I know this comparison may not exactly be fair, but Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy 14 both have had collaboration events that have come and gone multiple times, although it's only a very few times a year,
    it's still far more enjoyable that way instead of having to be there the day Nexon chose regardless of where you are and what your doing, you literally have to drop all your plans and schedules for weeks to login and grind more or less every single day.

    They would have to pay the fee again to re-release any collaboration item.

    The only exception is if you lose an item due to something like a server crash: that isn't adding a new instance of the item into the game, it's merely replacing something that was lost.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Lasted a bit longer on Nao.

    I guess some other "parameter" is that if someone already has an item like it, they should be barred from joining.

    So, anyone with a DBlade can't line up for the DBlade.