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  • Does anybody feel ripped off by the Japari Bus pet

    Welcome to Nexon.

    Their ambiguity is legendary.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Spy wrote: »
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Hey guys. So I don't think cancelling it an option. But, I'm down to collect your thoughts on the event. Overall reception seems fairly negative, and lukewarm at best. Am I understanding the following correctly:
    - Items are obtained too quickly. Solution: Decrease the rate, impose a re-queue cooldown maybe?
    - Alt abuse. Solution: Item bound to character?
    - Lag-inducing players. Solution: Unsure what's plausible from a development perspective here. One idea of splitting players into the channels seemed decent.

    I know that some of you may be thinking: "Just do better events next time!" but we'd still like conducive feedback on how this type of event could be improved. I like some of the things y'all wrote in here.
    The event's core design is incredibly flawed. There are solutions, but they have trade-offs that may sound off putting
    - Items are obtained too quickly. Solution: Decrease the rate, impose a re-queue cooldown maybe?
    Decreasing the rate, or imposing a cool down will only make it more frustrating for players. Instead of spending 5~30 minutes in line trying to win the item, they could spend 1+ hours in line. Waiting 5~30 minutes in anticipation and not getting a chance because the item was already obtained is frustrating. Having 600 people waiting 1h+ per item would dramatically increase player frustration as they're standing in line for even longer and still not getting anything.
    Supposing that there were 600 people in line waiting 1hr per item this would be 24 days of human life being exhausted!
    - Alt abuse. Solution: Item bound to character?
    If the item can still be trade-unlocked, this would not fix the issue.
    If the item cannot be trade unlocked, this could solve the problem of alts, but would make the divine weapons less desirable by anyone who knows the consequences.
    Currently, divine weapon enchants (e.g. Solitude) are Exclusive Enchant Scrolls (untradable) that can only be used on one specific divine weapon. The drop rates for these enchants are also extremely low. In practice, most players who have divine weapons expect that they will need to do one or more, enchanting services to get their weapons enchanted.
    For Kyrios (who may not be as familiar with the game):
    Enchanting service is when a player give their item to the person who has the enchant, they enchant it, and then trade unlock it and give it back.
    There are some alternatives to the exclusive enchants, Meteoroid and 67th Floor, but good luck finding a 67th floor (limited quantity) or multiple Meteoroid enchants (practically gacha only).

    As for what can be done in the future: Beats me. Your stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    Raffle/sweepstakes events will always bring animosity as long as alts can participate.

    Enforcing any minimum requirement, e.g. total level requirement, story requirement, etc could also block real players from participating, so that won't work. Plus people with motivation are going to meet the requirement on their alts.

    Enforcing a no-alt (not the same as the no multi-clienting policy) would not be ideal. As this would have a negative impact to the game as well. As people will lose the ability to progress faster bringing alt characters, and the market will lose a lot of crafting material. The current state of end game at the moment basically requires alts in order to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. It also wouldn't be very practical for various reasons.

    Additionally, with the drop rate of certain event items, and the infrequency/exclusivity of such events. Alts are very common in any event with rare/exclusive items, where a single account will probably never get the item, since reward boxes are usually given out in limited amounts (impossible to grind for boxes). (I don't think as many players complain when having more alts brings cheaper exclusive event items, since more of those items are available)

    On the 67th floor enchant, they really should rerelease it.

    And no, whoeverownsSwordArtOnline can't copyright the term "67th floor".
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Sebastian wrote: »

    And the people alting for as long as they have been, probably still don't do anything for their alts. They're just used for enter events or selling/etc. That's why you see all those egg boi's at every event that gives away stuff lol.

    A lot of your counterarguments rely way too heavily on probability when we've seen these kinds of individuals prove time and time again that they'll do whatever they need to in order to gain advantages in scenarios like these.

    People are persistent, and they've proven to be persistent enough. If they weren't we wouldn't have issues like these. Yes there are alts that have nearly no levels, but there are still a large amount of people who level alts when they're bored of their mains. I know people that have done this. The difference from them is they know abusing it for events is scummy.

    If it's on a matter of relying, since you want to go by that logic, then I wouldn't be the only one who's relying on something, like saying these people are that persistent..for no word here can be taken as any real truth. But sitting here and saying it like there is truth and that it is how it is, is a bit baffling. Which is why I talk the way that I do.

    The difference being that there is sufficient enough evidence to deduce that people have been doing this for years. Ask any player who has been around long enough. That's the reason I'm stuck on you saying they "probably" won't continue. Because they have.

    This issue has come up countless times, for countless years, and for countless events. They even imposed certain total levels being required at some point, which the alts surpassed.

  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    tbh, it'd be fair if it was one winner per channel.

    And screw the "but the market". The market needs to plummet.
    Just saying nexon should be listening to It's player base. Ignoring the event with no feedback wouldn't let nexon know this was a bad idea. Players should be allowed to express how they feel, so stop telling them to not do that. Players want progress, not regression.

    Nexon never really listens, though.

    We were told they were working on changing the in-game text to bitmap format, like, three or four Community Managers ago.
    Radiant DawnWolfsingerSherriChaosShadowFOXAssassin
  • Try Talking to Storybook Tir NPCs!

    Crisda wrote: »
    You can even finally give gifts to your favorite NPCs (minus Triona)! I'm gonna make food for all of them.

    Making Poison Mushroom Stew for Ruairi and Tarlach.
    KensamaofmariRadiant DawnWolfsinger
  • Paid Name Change

    The page says you can't change your name if you have a Seal Breaker title.

    The G1 title "Seal Breaker to Another World" counts as a Seal Breaker title, but doesn't keep you from changing your name. Should probably reflect that on the page.