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  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - February 20th

    I think the issues are occurring because they're trying to get this set up.

    They couldn't find a worse picture.
    KensamaofmariBlissfulkillDarkpixie99WolfsingerCrimsọnGretaRadiant Dawn
  • im so late but

    Evielicky wrote: »
    why is belvast ch1 Alexina so empty. did everyone moved to somewhere new?

    The auction house update made shops in Belvast nearly obsolete for most purposes.

    It's nice to see Dunbarton full of shops, again.
    KensamaofmariWolfsingerHabimaruRadiant Dawn
  • how many people lost items?

    Crims wrote: »
    Submit a ticket, they can actually go back and find out what you lost.

    That day was the same day I was cleaning my bags out. I like to mass dump things to the floor. This GM replaced EVERYTHING. Even the garbage I was to get rid of. XD


    I've had GM Aardgaldr resolve my tickets in the past and all I can say is they deserve a promotion because they amaze me every single time. lol. If you get them, you will not be disappointed.


    Mewlynne's replaced my items many times.

    She deserves better.
  • Fix G24 Finale

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Not too much you can do about that.

    It's either wear a set that grants petrification immunity or summon something like the Saga Pegasus every time you get petrified.
    Which isn't a very good backup plan, as it'd mean you can't make use of Divine Link and it'd also mean you'd be limited to curing petrify by the number of Pegasus pets you have. (and how many of them are off cooldown)
    Floral Fairy has a skill called Cleansing Dust which cures most status effects, as well. Though that again would require having that pet, and the skill itself has a lengthy cooldown.

    Berserk cures and provides immunity to petrification, but that has so many drawbacks on its own that it's an even worse solution. (and can't even be learned by Elves on top of everything else)

    I can't remember if Iron Will prevents petrification. Or if the first 5 seconds of Shield of Trust acts the same, either.

    That's all I can think of on just that one particular problem.
    Even wearing Petrification Immunity doesn't sound great.
    Bone Marine set comes to mind, but I'm not sure if Giants can wear that set.
    Or if there are even enchants that grant points towards Petrification Immunity like there are for Poison/Stomp/Explosion

    I think Iron Will doesn't prevent it. Kind of hard to pay attention to a specific detail when the entire screen is just.... yeah.
  • Community Livestream - Nov. 14th Patch Preview

    It could be ego spirit update/g24 and shadow mission nerf rewards but that was expected to be in december and since its patch notes it will be that and a thanksgiving event also could be something in december aka free ace rbs which are 2x every year or something new.....

    Its not G24. We get alerts of main content updates in advance.

    Also, Korea had a G24 pre-release event. So we need that before we get G24.