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  • Find the different puppet

    xSho76 wrote: »
    I don't have a picture but for the knee it won't have that line on the left one. It's more obvious than the other two criteria.

  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    So, after much studying and midterms, I am in a bit of a quite downtime to enjoy this Fall, so I am bored between studying. Without further ado, let me ask you a completely insane and stupid question. Should we allow male players to play as female characters?

    Now, I know what you are thinking: "Bliss, you have balls, yet play as one of the most ignorant people in all of Erinn". To that I say thank you, and shut up.

    Half of the playerbase plays characters of the opposite gender. If you have a problem, tough titties.
    It's ok, soon the whole world will become AI and androids.

    Well, etymologically speaking, androids are robots that look like dudes, and gynoids are robots that look like dudettes. :p

    "Android" 18.
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    I believe Nexon does bundling already with its mobile games. I just see them trying to milk this form of gacha dry until there's no more.

    I believe KR regulates games and accounts based off of social security number, a cyber security risk that no other country would like to take.
    The easiest route for NA would be to utilize account information (age) and IP to determine casino regulations, and that the Cash Shop would not display gachapons for children. (And automatically not shown for anyone in Hawaii.)
    Then again, because everything within gachapons have status effects, Nexon could still be served with a take down notice in both UK and US.
    I don't believe Nexon choosing to milk Mabinogi until the death of gachapons would make the KR fans happy if they found out about the situation.

    If anything, Nexon is doomed either way this legislation goes.
    Worst Possibilities:
    A- Lose the fans ("We cannot purchase anything anyways, so who cares?")
    B- Lose the kids (And parent's wallet.)
    C- Lose gachapons (And possibly A, if you're that unprepared.)

    It would have been so much easier if Mabinogi has been modeled with the MS2 model of direct purchase of standalone items.
    Instead, Nexon did this to itself- they never changed, developers never listened, and we've been saying this for years...
    Nexon has to change and/or get rid of the Cash Shop's gachapon model.
    Legislation is coming across the globe, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    And all three of those possibilities are good for us, the players.

    ....Never thought I'd be supporting Republican-led legislation, especially in a time with this much polarization in politics.
  • Regarding the Oct. 24 Maintenance

    Might as well extend the free VIP.

    Especially for people who lead guilds. It'd super suck for a guild to lose the ability to do things cause their VIP expired and they couldn't reactivate it cause of.... the messup.
  • Anime Crossover Events

    Crunchyroll is able to collab a lot of the work they work on with games they also are a part in, and there are a lot.

    I don't see Crunchyroll teaming up with a Korean MMO.