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  • Just a rant.

    Neroy wrote: »
    Neroy wrote: »
    Idk these prices are pretty normal for me (Mari) before the merger. People just saw how high we price it and just said F it, lets make more money why not. It was originally based off of what dye amps go for the current ratio (I.E 600k-800k~ per 1k NX/ so every 10k NX (10$usd) = 5-10mish so outfits from there based on rarity and % ratio from gach applied to outfits making them go for 8M-10M for base and 15-20M+ for the special version

    Or, Mari could've lowered prices.

    You underestimate how Fashionogi the Mari server, it was... fabulous with people in their expensive outfits with 0 gold in their pocket lmao

    It's an attitude like that that keeps this toxic mindset from disappearing.
    AlexisEU wrote: »
    It's simple economics, not greed. If something sells for a high price (3x of what it used to be), its worth that much to someone. If someone was to sell something for the old price, it would simply be bought and relisted, and the original seller would be cheated out of 2/3 the money.

    Effects of inflation:

    Equipment repairs are considered cheaper.

    Money gain from activities are less rewarding.

    Item worth. If something is considered to have value, it will be worth appropriately to the inflation.

    Greed IS involved. In the form of the seller.

    As is pure idiocy. In the form of the buyer.
  • General progression

    Greta wrote: »
    bubafatboy wrote: »
    I've decided to no life mabi once again but the last time i played was when shyllien and hilliwen came out so im a bit unsure on what i should be focusing on and how to progress. I also learned about the server merge, and i tend to whale a bit since i do like selling and buying stuff, hows the economy for both server if i may ask?

    There are fears of decline on Alexina after the merge, but still not enough data to prove if there is a true decline.

    No proof because you aren't from Alexina, but as Alexinian i can surely tell it became more dead with each month and it's hitting records of decline more and more i'm pretty sure.

    Now you know how we felt.

    But only slightly.

    To truly feel the sting, you need to experience it for a good few years.
  • So uhhh..

    Harukari wrote: »
    Hmmm. Kay.
    Well I'm done here.

    Someone can lock this.
    So sorry for trying to ruin the fun for everyone, including myself cause my ocd finally got the best of me.

    Edit: dont worry im not gonna actually do that, submitting a ticket. too lazy. :) ill just continue to go crazy

    Fun killer.
  • @nexon

    Greta wrote: »

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  • Fantastic Memory - Patch Notes - August 15th

    Might want to switch out the "Nao Clothing Box" for something, I don't know, useful?

    Either that, or make it so you can visit Nao on your birthday even without VIP.

    Also, for "normal", you're better off just making it so the chat tabs that you DON'T want to appear in all have their "Appear in Default Channel" box unchecked.
    Mierin wrote: »
    Oh man, please kill the [Normal] thing getting attached to every message.
    God, yes, please. That is an EYESORE.