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  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    Disney didn't reject Nexon for being out of demand so to speak, but because they're in a current boycott outlash of the "get woke go broke" frame of logic. (And costly spending, and loss of profits, and hyper inflated toys.)
    Club Penguin was the largest virtual licence Disney ever had, they threw it away, and more licensing would only harm themselves further.
    Aside from that, NXC has far more grip than as far as the video game industry. They have too much financial responsibility, and do indeed need to trim.
    The problem with Mabinogi advertisement is that it can be utilized, but can also backfire and cause loss of profit and a waste of investment.
    Nexon KR is most definitely focused on launching mobile apps in KR this year.
    Whether they intend to localize everything they produce is something we'll have to wait until 2020 to see.
    After all, like everyone keeps bring to attention: Gachapons are loot boxes, and loot boxes are under legislative watch in the USA.

    S.1629 - A bill to regulate certain pay-to-win microtransactions and sales of loot boxes in interactive digital entertainment products, and for other purposes.

    Oh, god, please, keep Disney FAR away from anything else.
  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    Crims wrote: »
    Release VIP now! WE CAN HELP BOOST THOSE NUMBERS UP NEXON. Jesus bleeping christ. We're not dumb! We see whats going on. I'VE BEEN THROUGH "RESTRUCTURES". Don't give me that bs, I know whats going down here. They are shaving down your workforce and before you know it there won't be enough left of you to do anything about it!! Companies do this on purpose over the course of a few years before they do the thing we are not allowed to talk about on here!

    They do this so you won't become suspicious before it finally happens. But even if you ask your higher ups, they will lie to you about it. They will say everything is fine when it's not.


    Ummm...guys...this was just sent to me.


    I am bleeping bricks now.


    Brace for impact.

    Lindsey/Moneko/NKeona was a nice girl, but soon fell sway to what a lot of GMs end up becoming.

    Amy (I assume mewlynne) was the only GM that didn't seem like an utter disappointment.

    As for the closing of the division, does it really affect Mabinogi? I mean, QA (which I assume is Quality Assurance) must've been absent, and I haven't seen ANY marketing for Mabinogi since a random ad on promoting G7 back in 2009. Well, that's the last one I remember clearly.
  • Jousting Finals

    Helsa wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Nao had 15-1 for its jousting finals this week. Alexina had 7, so no go.

    Alexina confirmed dead, R.I.P.

    Is it?

    Well... I'm lately having trouble filling a 3-5 player party for Elite SM. This is just awful... Never had such issues in the last 5 years and now it's happening almost daily. Girgashiy raids happen just after reset, one or two runs and poof, people are gone. So if you somehow didn't finish yours in that single run, you are most likely won't be able to for that day.
    And Jousting is non-existent, as always.

    Alexina does seem to be quieter since Nao went live. As for jousting being non-existent, as always, my channel on YouTube literally disproves that. Jousting on Alexina has taken a sharp drop though since Nao was formed. I think the creation of Nao a factor in it but not the whole story.
    Greta wrote: »
    So, will you hold out longer or will Nexon hold out longer? )Switch to Nao or merge it all)

    I'm on the edge of quitting this game honestly. It's getting worse for me each week, i can't even find any motivation to log in besides events for nice and cute stuff that may give out.

    Before Nao was formed many folks said that a merge would never happen. Given what we knew before it did, it was not an unreasonable argument to suppose that a merge would never happen. For me there were signs in the last year that a merge was coming but nothing I'd bet the farm on. So, before Nao was formed when Alexina was the biggest server, if folks decided they wanted to play on Alexina, as far they knew, they were saying "good bye" to their old character, forever. For Alexinans, now contemplating moving to Nao, the situation is different: we know that Nexon is willing to perform a merge. We have reason to suppose it will happen one day. So, I do have characters on Nao. They were the three characters I made for the old three servers. I made them to go jousting on the other servers. I do log into Nao, but I'm not extensively playing on it. I'm there to record the jousting for my channel on YouTube. I have not abandoned my main on Alexina, because I know that a merge is inevitable, so I don't need to fully abandon it. At the same time, I also barely play Mab myself also logging in for events and to record jousting for my channel. But this is due to normal getting bored or jaded with a game that happens to everyone from time to time. I've been "not logging in much" since long before the merge. So, don't give up, just tough it out until a merge happens.

    lol, that second quote has the original posters switched.
  • Who’s your pick?

    Crims wrote: »
    This is one of the few times that I'm glad that Nexon KR doesn't listen to us.


    Changed your name here, too, eh?

    You're not making much of an attempt at hiding.

    I took it as a change in scenery.

    Maybe if they changed their avatar, I wouldn't notice, but they had to be consistent.

    And even then, the toxic-ness in her reply is clearly that of Gaea.
    I don't really care what we'd get as a crossover, I would just want the crossover event to actually be an event with some effort put into it.

    The Fate Stay Night, MMO Junkie, and Re:Zero events were all terrible and only memorable for how lackluster they were. Anyone remember how much more there was to the Vocaloid and, as reluctant as I am to admit it, the SAO crossovers???

    If Vocaloid and SAO are what you consider to be "higher quality", then you must not be expecting much.
  • Height-Boosting Insoles purchaseable in-game

    I want my giant to actually be giant. Like, taller than the Dunb bank.
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