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  • Soooo is this normal? O_o;

    On Channel 2 and went to the Port Qilla Base Camp to find this....
    Suffice to say it killed me before i left the town then was miraculously able to escape to take screenshot lol
  • What to do with a non-destroyable all-skill reset

    sweet thanks folks =D
    She's been playing off and on for almost 10 years so she was just super worried about losing all her progress and I guess she has never once used Duncan's rest either. And since the game was vague on describing what happens if she used it, like concerning the AP, she was doubly scared.
    But despite this she was worried about asking herself about it since she's had bad experiences with online gaming communities ^^;; But I wanted to share this thread with her to show mabinogi folks are awesome! So thanks being as such and keep at it!
  • Is is worth it?

    See and thats another thing I've noticed, do people got gold pouring out their ears? O_o;; I've looked at some of the NPC selling armor and especially players' kiosks and everything is like in the millions.... I only got like 110000 total T~T
  • Only 1 damage???

    Im very green thus far to this game but I thought I had a handle on things until i found out I only deal 1 damage to zombies, ghouls and other monsters.
    Im primarily gunslinger and each attack only does 1 damage no matter what skill I use or crit. Are there monsters that are just immune to ranged attacks or something?
    Because of this im having a hard time completing certain quests like Bind from Advent of the Goddess and Lofty Goal from The Divine Knights
    it takes an ungodly amount of time to kill zombies doing 1 damage at a time and the same goes for the crystal bears for the other quest.
    Please help in any way you can