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  • This Ski Quest

    lostheaven wrote: »
    And this is exactly why the Mabingoi community has gone down hill. No. I'm not a good player. I'm a returning player asking for help with something I've been stuck on for a very long time. Telling me to "get good" isn't very helpful. In fact it's aggrevating. Trolling. Rude. Call it whatever you want to call it. It doens't help me in any way, so maybe it would be better left unsaid to begin with.

    And maybe I would be better off not wasting my time to come back. Such a shame. I love the game, but I really hate the community.

    You are absolutely right. That's why I never bother reading replies to things I post, it's the same people saying bs to gain attention anyway. Or maybe that bs is their opinion? Either way, better not to bother with the forums. Too much trash and not enough friendliness/help here.
  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    I'm having issues changing my name back to my original one, even though it was my name before the merge I now get the window "cannot use this and that". I'm not getting this.
  • Couples Flight Issue

    It's silly for female couples as well. Especially since it's supposed to be a couple's flight.
  • Why are people killing the market on purpose?

    Yeah nothing else was to be expected.
  • Why are people killing the market on purpose?

    I have seen this with a lot of recent items. It's completely normal that item prices drop during the first 1-2 days, and then settle on the real value. However, for example the new wings or also the tails in Abaddon. I put my wings at 14m, now, if you wanna undercut me, it would be fine to put it at 13m or 13.5m, but the next person put their wings at 3.5m. Also, different wings which I put on AH for 7m, were then put for 250k. I mean, you are killing the market for yourself as well. Why are people doing this? This is not how economy works. This means selling items that did cost real money for practically nothing. And once it sold for 250k because of some desperate crazy person, it will be almost impossible to rise the value again.
    Now, there might be people saying "but wings shouldn't cost this much and Abaddon was overplayed!", but my common sense tells me that if there's a tail sitting on AH for 30m, as the only tail of its kind, you do not put yours for 5m, unless you wanna shoot yourself in the foot.