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  • Server Merge

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Negumiko wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Oligarchy wrote: »
    Look at the server stats on the wiki for the population %. Even at the peak of each server combined, it wouldn't even fill 75% of a single server. :)
    You entered the debate with an argument supporting a 'single super server', and this would work out if we were only talking about Tarlach, Mari, and Ruairi (and they actually were as empty as people want other people to believe), but Alexina is a part of the picture too and there would not be enough room to include the population of the other 3 servers. I don't care what the wiki says. I have seen all of the channels full on Alexina many many times. The debate was not about whether or not Tarlach, Mari, and Ruairi would fit together (without Alexina). The debate was about whether or not Tarlach, Mari, Ruairi, and Alexina could exist on a single server (and judging from the population of Alexina alone; the answer is absolutely no). I was not born yesterday morning, I know what people are and what MMO means. I'm not against people playing the game or against people meeting other people. I'm against this 8 year-old fruitless argument that hasn't come face-to-face with logic one time since it first began. If you log into the game at 3am on a school (or work) day and the server is empty; it's not because the game is dead; it's because you logged in at 3am on a school (or work) day. ~

    the population on Alexina has slowly dropped over the years. only the player market has stayed very active as the shopping channel almost always has busy or full status. maybe when Alexina was really new all the channels were full but these days all the channels except channel 1 say normal and two or three of the other channels are very empty. so your statement earlier is not accurate. last time Alexina was super full was when the gms were visiting servers a few months ago and even that only filled 2 or 3 channels at the most. Alexina does have the largest population however all 7 channels have not been busy or full at once in the past 3 years and it feels like the poplulation is slowly getting worst.

    I emphasized in bold the biggest lie in this topic (perhaps this is true if you're only logging-in in the middle of the night when the majority of the userbase is sleeping, at a time when one should expect the traffic to be low, but you can't claim this as a fact if you aren't here the whole time).

    Alexina is packed to the hilt every time we have a Double Rainbow. I am talking about this year, not years ago or when Alexina was a baby. I have been here every day since the game was first released (believe it or not). I know the difference between then (ages ago) and now (today).

    I don't care what game it is (or who made it); you won't see a high population of American players on American servers during a time when people who breathe a combination of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen (better known as Air) are sleeping in their beds, or are at work or school.

    The same applies to every other nationality everywhere else on the planet (*omg-u-nationalist-u*). ~ And a hat tip to my friends in Europe.

    But having high population during certain events for small amounts of time throughout the year is not the same as being populated. This just means that it has a population spike because of certain things happening. The original 3 servers are very much dead in terms of % of the servers filled. Although, I still can find a lot of people doing stuff on Ruairi, it still would be nice to have a much larger group. The majority of people are arguing for a server merge for the feel of the game BEFORE Alexina was even created. I remember when the game was very much busy, probably at least 50% full Ruairi you know?

    Having such a small population makes it harder to farm lots of mats and items such as the new stuff for giants, the celtic mats, and the Soluna blade, etc. Having fewer people on a server farming for these mats makes the items less common in general. It makes it harder for any "end game" items to actually be out in the public.

    Your justification of having your server packed during these events is selfish. Very selfish. Try taking into consideration the population of the other servers, and those who are not as lucky to have their server "packed to the hilt" during events, as much as we'd like to see that.

    I want to see a lot of people gathered everywhere. I want it to be hard to find a place to set up shop. There are more places than just Belvast. Remember when Tir even had a lot of shops? And Dunbarton did? That's what I want to come back. :) I don't care if the server is 99% full.
  • Option to Transfer Servers

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    While I'm not entirely against this, or for this, as it's not much different than a server merge (aside from being on a per character/per pet basis); it seems to me... a fresh start would include the use of a fresh character (or a fresh pet).

    ~ It's hard to imagine a total level 13000 moving from Tarlach to Alexina for a "Fresh Start"......

    I don't understand why you're so against people wanting to go to other servers. Tarlach, Ruairi, and Mari are all dead. It's ridiculous. I wish someone would finally listen and let us play with a large population again.

    I totally understand OP's point. If we had the option of transferring servers, then those who wish to stay on their servers can. Those of us that want to play with a larger playerbase can server xfer and then everyone wins, right? (:
  • Server Merge

    All the servers should be merged together, tbh.