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  • Pet Adventurer Guide

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Sorath wrote: »
    How many pet missions are you supposed to be able to do per day? It seems like if you assign pets to every mission (clear out the board, basically), there will be 4 new missions the next time to log in, regardless of how long it's been. Is this intended behavior?

    This is a known issue! It's not intended that the mission board resets at any point other than 7:00 AM PDT each day. That being said we're also aware of player feedback on how difficult it is to get special expeditions (and ultimately Pet Essential Oil) and will talk with our team about this.

    I wish there were more of those Ventures.
    Like there are a lot of special expeditions on the list, but only a few of those have venture ticket counterparts.

    For example, there aren't any Venture Contracts for Coill Abyss or Peaca Abyss.
    And the commerce-themed ones or the metallurgy-themed ones would be neat too, and could possibly be added in as a reward to certain Part-time Jobs.
    Or maybe dropped from the chest after completing a bandit hunt.

    And strangely, there are no expeditions at all themed around Sidhe Finnachaid, normal, special, or otherwise..
    I'm sure Enn would like to meet everyone's pets, or for our pets to try facing the Song of Grief.

    Overall, the special expeditions are indeed too uncommon, and the Ventures, the things that would offset the random aspect with at least one daily definite mission, seem poorly balanced, in that all of them only come from higher-end content like Adv HM & Veteran Dungeons and Tech Duinn, leaving those who can't regularly complete those with no alternatives but to hope they get lucky and roll a special expedition once a day.
  • New homestead pet houses

    or check the official guide here:

    Blueprints are sold in the Ducat shop by the Commerce Imp at various towns.
    You get the Blueprint for Lv1 Medium Pet Pasture from the guide quest after you complete the first one involving Nicca and sending your first expedition.

    Cotton Cushion Stuffing is made using Handicraft from Fine Wool/Thin Thread which is randomly gotten instead of normal wool when shearing a sheep.
    Artificial Turf is made using Handicraft from Grass/Flowers you get from Hoeing flower patches
    Soft Fur Fabric is made from using Weaving using Soft Fur Pelts gotten from defeating Wing-eared Rabbits in Avalon.
    Etc. etc. just check the guides.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Okay I know the update is basically here, since it's coming up this maint or something, but here's some of the new materials and how to get them... I think.
    It's kind of hard to parse that Youtube video since it's in Korean but let's just start with a list of the new materials needed.

    Cloud Cushion
    • Cotton Cushion Stuffing - 5/15/25/50
    • Pet Essential Oil - 0/0/3/4
    Cat Tower
    • Soft Fur Fabric - 8/15/35/50
    • Mythril Nail - 8/15/35/50
    • Pet Essential Oil - 0/0/3/4
    Medium Pet Pasure
    • Artificial Turf - 5/15/25/50
    • Pet Essential Oil - 0/0/3/4
      Straw Dummy - 8/15/35/50
    • Mythril Nail - 8/15/35/50
    • Pet Essential Oil - 0/0/3/4
    Large Pet Pasture
    • Artificial Turf - 25/50
    • Pet Essential Oil - 3/4

    For a total of:
    Cotton Cushion Stuffing - 95
    Soft Fur Fabric - 108
    Mythril Nail - 216
    Artificial Turf - 170
    Straw Dummy - 108
    Pet Essential Oil - 35

    Now let's see where we'll get these materials.
    • Cotton Cushion Stuffing is made via Handicraft and will require Fine Wool, which is randomly obtained from Shearing a Sheep and Thin Thread made from cobwebs. An upgraded gathering knife and high rank of Sheep Shearing will serve you well for gathering the Fine Wool. You'll need 20 Fine Wool and 5 Thin Threads apiece. 475 Thin Threads and 1900 Fine Wool.
    • Soft Fur Fabric is made via Weaving at a Loom. It needs 20 Soft Fur which is obtained by defeating Wing-eared Rabbits at Avalon. That's 2,160 total fur needed, so that's a LOT of rabbits... Try to make use of the Grandmaster Tailoring special effect for random refunds of materials to help cut down on the extinction of Avalon rabbits.
    • Mythril Nails are made via Refining. Break out the Arat Crystals and Holy Water so you can use Synthesis to grow more Mythril Ingots because each nail takes 20 ingots apiece. Since you'll need 216 nails, this is a whopping 4,320 Mythril Ingots! Yikes!
    • Artificial Turf is made via Handicraft and will require Fresh Grass randomly obtained when Hoeing flower patches and Bundle of Flowers from the same place. Each Artificial Turf needs 20 Fresh Grass and 5 Bundle of Flowers. Flower Patches can be found in many places, like Emain Macha, Ceo Island, and Zardine. 3,400 Fresh Grass and 850 Bundles of Flowers altogether.
    • Straw Dummy is made via Handicraft and will require "Garbage Wheat" which is randomly obtained when Harvesting from Wheat and Finest Leather Strap. Each Straw Dummy need 20 Garbage Wheat and 1 Finest Leather Strap. 2,160 Garbage Wheat and 108 Finest Leather Straps in total.
    • Pet Essential Oil finally, seems to be an occasional reward from the Pet Expeditions themselves. At least I think that's what was being shown in the video.

    I'm still not sure on the Blueprints, but I think they might be bought via Ducats at the Commerce Imp's shop.
    Not really sure on the total price, but it might require as many as 10,000,000 Ducats for all of the Blueprints.
    If anyone actually knows for sure, that'd be cool.
  • Sooo G1 has voice acting now?

    I remember a while back they had improved some of the NPCs around Tir, like Caitin and Malcolm, and now it's getting extended even further after all this time.

    I wonder if this'll eventually happen to old items.
    Will the humble Popo Skirt one day not be so... box-chested.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Greta wrote: »
    After checking out my hoarded stuff i realized i'm pretty much only needing Woodboards and Building Stones. I can only worry about not getting lazy now and collect them, also hoping my Homestead will have enough space for this update.

    I still don't have much to say on getting Wood Boards, but Other Alchemists Basic (and only Basic, to my knowledge) Golems are a great source of Building Stones if you don't want to run Stones of Sliab Cuilin/Ciar for 1 Building Stone a run.
    Plus the Golems in Basic Other Alch have a small chance to drop Wood Boards.
    I wouldn't say it's a GOOD drop rate of Boards, but I did manage to get 3 to drop in the time it took me to get the 30 Building Stones I wanted from them.

    While the Sunflower event's still going, go and sit in the Sunflower fields for 10 minutes for the 1.5x drop rate buff if you choose to hunt the stones from Basic OA Golems.
    It's already not a very long ordeal, at least if you just spam the entrance room's 3 spawns and exit/reenter, but it'd make it even quicker.