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  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - July 16th

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Camping Papa?
    Is this the fishing event that gave out Lost Boy's Boxes?
    If so I still have like 1,000 of those little 1x1 boxes left unopened from last time. xD

    Also geez this update's bringing a lot of similarly named things.
    There's of course Fynn and Fynni. Not to be confused with each other or things like Pihne the Alban Knight or Pin the fairy mentioned in the in-game book The Tale of Ifan the Rich. (Which makes me wonder if that's a localization error and his name is supposed to be Fynn)
    And of course the Peculiar Children, one of which is named Pinkie, not to be confused with Treasure Hunter's Gorilla Pinky.

    Wait, you might be totally right, haha. I think it's supposed to be Fynn the Fairy. Before we localized the term for this update, it was Pin instead of Fynn and Pynni instead of Fynni.

    There're other things like that in other older books as well.
    Like the Musical Knowledge rA -> r9 book "Musicians of Erinn" has more than a couple of out of date localizations.
    Like Maurus instead of Mores.
    Zavkiel instead of Jabchiel.
    Avkan instead of Abcan.
    Corple instead of Cairbre.
    Enn is referred to as male in that old book, even though she isn't in her appearance in the Memento storyline.

    And oh boy some of the very very old Seal Stone Research Almanac books sold by Aeira have some very off-sounding text.
    Like the Ciar one's ending words: "If you are a person with 35 of physical strength, run to Ciar Dungeon and try to test your capability. Blessing the Aton Cimeni and Morrighan to you read this book..."

    Well for now I'm looking forward to this upcoming update for sure.
    Blessing the Aton Cimeni that the maint goes off without a hitch. :star:
  • Art Corner - 1st Edition

    Oh, how awesome! I'd call the 1st Edition a success, Mabi sure has some skilled artists playing.
    I can see the memories of the Sunflower event in the first piece of art by Desporous, and the story to go with it is such a nice compliment as well.
    Everyone running away from the Massive Cotton Candy Sheep in Ger's entry is super funny.
    I really like the picture Meg412 made of Legatus and Calida Lake. It's so peaceful.

    I like to see all these Mabi characters, and even pets like the Ice Dragon and Cotton Candy Sheep that everyone's drawn.
  • [EVENT] Pet Master's Order

    Greta wrote: »
    JJ wrote: »
    What is a Fynni Fynn?

    A really dumb name. :D

    Yeah, but it's also related to the upcoming update.

    It's basically a pet that's been enhanced into a Fynni Pet.
    There's differences between a normal pet and a pet that's been turned into a Fynni Fynn, like their attacks don't affect an enemy's knockdown gauge and they gain access to various abilities, but it's a lot of info to go into, and the update's almost here anyways.

    You can check this post over in Content From Other Regions for more info:
    Or this official guide that was posted for KR Mabi (it's not in English, so you might have to translate it):
  • Spirit Weapon Conversation

    I think they change (default) conversation at ~level 40.
    Not sure if they change again later, but it's definitely kinda disappointing.

    I was kind of disappointed that they changed/removed their responses to so so many keywords, when compared to their Classic counterparts, but yeah as you mentioned the Interaction Crafter is how you can fix it yourself if you're so inclined.

    I guess it was to avoid weird instances where, like, a Female Bow spirit would say how much Smash sucks compared to Magnum Shot even though you put her on a Two-Handed Sword and not a Bow. (Though they do still have their own biases anyways, like a Male Wand Spirit will still say he likes magic even if he's on a Chain Blade)
  • Cannot craft Alpaca Robe

    I logged in today and was able to craft the robe. Strange.

    Oh I think the issue was how the game handles the weaving skill.

    You clicked the Loom, and it brought up Loom recipes.
    But you were technically closer to the Spinning Wheel, so the game wanted to act like you were using a Spinning Wheel recipe.

    Normally people just click the production tool directly to use the weaving skill, but you can technically just "Use" it from the skill list, and it'll look for whatever tool's closest to determine what list to bring up and what method to use.
    Clicking the loom to bring up loom recipes, but technically being closer to the spinning wheel just confused the game a bit, I guess.

    I just tried myself in game, I set my Loom and Spinning Wheel close together, and stood closer to the Spinning Wheel than I did to the Loom, like you were in the picture and the results were similar.