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October 31, 1991
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Golden Experience Fruit!
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  • One of my Squires soon-reaching her : «End-Game» !

    Gotta put those training points to use somehow.
    My most developed squire isn't even a part of my squad anymore.

    Everyone else at least has their specialty at 900, but Kaour's my 2nd most developed who has 600 Luck and everything else 900.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Hopefully they'll roll out an event to get the materials more easily with part two because that it a lot. O.O

    Yeah, it's definitely work to get them all up to their maximum tiers.
    But this is just for existing materials.
    There's still the new stuff like the Cushion Stuffing and Pet Essential Oils, and of course the blueprint items that I'm not actually sure where to get.
    But, at least there's the upcoming Community Livestream that'll probably shed some light on that.

    I'm hoping they aren't that hard to get, since even a Tier-1 pet house needs some of them, and those are the only way to remove pet fatigue without waiting for the weekly fatigue reset.
  • Community Livestream - 'My Little Pet' Preview

    Hey, I got the mini pet compensation, but I lost more than one mini pet.
    I didn't ask for a random box, I wanted my Brown Explorer Cats and the Shark Robe Seal back.
    I appreciate the Skeleton Maid, but is there any reason to this method of compensation?

    Yeah, I saw this, and even though I wasn't one of the affected who received this I wondered why the box was random instead of one of those Selection boxes that let you choose which one.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Hey, as is probably obvious, we're getting this update Soon™!

    Have ya seen the pet houses?
    Well check the micro-site and check out some of the materials to make them.
    From what I understand, pet houses work like the player house, installation-wise.
    You need to start from the bottom, and then upgrade them to their next form.
    The micro-site (click here!) lists some of the materials to make them. While some of them are new items coming with the update, you can get a head-start by gathering already existing items in preparation.

    There's many new materials you can't get ahead of time like Pet Essential Oil, Mythril Nails, etc, but there're still some you can get right now.
    Like Stage 3 and 4 Cat Towers need Sparkling Glass Marbles, which you can find via metallurgy at Scuabtuinne.
    And Stage 3 and 4 Stables take Building Stones, which you can easily find by killing golems found in Basic/Int Other Alchemists, or at the end of Ciar dungeon runs.

    But really, it seems like you'll need a metric TON of Wood Boards and Finest Firewood, so probably a good idea to get a start on getting those!

    As far as already existing materials are concerned:
    Cloud Cushion needs:
    • Tough Thread- x3/x5/x15/x20
      Total: 43
    • Finest Fabric- x3/x5/x15/x20
      Total: 43
    • Homestead Stone- x10/x15/x20/x30
      Total: 75
    Cat Tower needs:
    • Wood Board- x3/x5/x15/x30
      Total: 53
    • Finest Firewood- x3/x5/x15/x30
      Total: 53
    • Sparkling Glass Marble- x0/x0/x10/x20
      Total: 30
    • Homestead Stone- x15/x30/x50/x100
      Total: 195
    Medium Pet Pasture needs:
    • Wood Board- x3/x5/x15/x20
      Total: 43
    • Finest Firewood- x3/x5/x15/x20
      Total: 43
    • Bottled Water- x0/x0/x3/x3
      Total: 6
    • Homestead Stone- x10/x15/x20/x30
      Total: 75
    Stable needs:
    • Wood Board- x3/x5/x15/x30
      Total: 53
    • Finest Firewood- x3/x5/x15/x30
      Total: 53
    • Building Stone- x0/x0/x10/x20
      Total: 30
    • Homestead Stone- x15/x30/x50/x100
      Total: 195
    Large Pet Pasture needs:
    • Wood Board- x15/x20
      Total: 35
    • Finest Firewood- x15/x20
      Total: 35
    • Homestead Stone- x20/x30
      Total: 50

    For a grand total of:
    x184 Wood Board
    x184 Finest Firewood
    x590 Homestead Stones
    x43 Tough Thread
    x43 Finest Fabric
    x30 Sparkling Glass Marble
    x30 Building Stone
    x6 Bottled Water

    This is not counting their new materials and the blueprint items, which presumably come from somewhere like the expeditions themselves or something.
  • My Little Pet Update Site

    Oh I'm definitely gonna have to clear some space on my homestead to make room for those Pet Houses.

    Also I'm not sure if my menagerie of pets covers EVERY pet type, but it probably won't matter in the end.
    This'll be an interesting way to get some goodies and passively train pets. Well, maybe!