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October 31, 1991
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Golden Experience Fruit!
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  • What would you do if . . .

    Every Wednesday would be Free Ice Cream Day.

    Ha, but seriously, I dunno.
    World-wide? I don't know even enough about the other regions' versions of Mabi.
    So I guess first thing first would be to get in the know.

    Well maybe... I know if just one thing, I'd like to change Dan test's to have their training counts uncapped, so a person could still rank up with say, 2 SS's but would also be able to pass with like 8 As.
    I'd say a week and some change for Magnum Dan 2 to 3 beats never being able to get there ever.
    Pardon the "weenie-fication" if you will, but pass-failing is just my least favorite thing, maybe next to gathering Briogh Crystals since I have no fun doing any of the Tech Duinn missions.

    But otherwise... well, there are some interesting ideas over in the Feedback section.
    A talent for scythes sounds pretty nifty, and that's been suggested there at least a handful of times.

    There's also the fact that Eiren's an Ace, but has no Ace Talent associated with her.
    She only uses Chains, so I wonder what the others would be.
    Plus there's the over-representation of certain talents in Ace talents, like Cleric and Apothecary, whereas none of the Aces currently have Archery or Knight, for example.
    Though making up new Ace talents would probably require making up new Aces, and since they're part of the storyline, that'd complicate things.
    Or maybe make a new special talent category separate from Aces yet similar in function. As neat as the Aces are, a new organization of special NPCs would probably be cool. Though I feel like I'd be designing them based on what talents they could cover, before any actual characterization and plot usefulness.

    Well, this kind of stuff is fun to think about if anything, but I don't really have any grand ideas.
  • [EVENT] Dragon Boat Race Returns

    I was almost never around to catch the dragon boat event when it was brought back, so the last time I actually did this event was maybe like the first or second time it was repeated?
    So, maybe like 2010 or 2011.

    I gotta say, being able to use Squads for this and having 16 people all crammed on a boat is funny.
    I mean, you CAN make a squad open up all 32 slots, but it takes a little finagling and sometimes people want to rush the race restart process by dissolving the party and making a new one, and that'd be tedious to make a 32 player squad every time that happened.

    32 people on a boat would be a sight to see, though.
  • Freebies or [to take your mind off the apocalypse]

    Oh wow, I think your art is really pretty!
    Not only how you drew all the characters and their outfits, hairstyles, and other features, but the backgrounds and details like the poses/actions going on like the teatime during the rain, the breeze at the station, or the splashes from running on the water's surface.
    I'm repeating myself but it's really all very pretty.
  • [EVENT] [UPDATED] Cotton Candy Sheep Event

    DDSN wrote: »
    I hope this event gets a week extension, there is no way I'll be able to get the pet.

    Hey, they updated the maint notice, and this is happening.
    They extended the Sheep event until the 11th.
  • oh boi paid event items now

    Yeah this kind of reminds me of the very very old treasure chest events.

    I mean at least hopefully this time they can't taunt players who can't open the premium chests.
    I remember in the old Ancient Treasure Chest events, if you couldn't open the premium chest, your only other option would be to drop it, but dropping it would cause this little animation where the chest would open up, show you what you could have gotten, and then poof.