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October 31, 1991
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  • Ancient Support Puppet

    Persian Support Puppet has a daily time limit on how it can be activated, and must have its effects toggled on to tick down the time limit.

    The Ancient version has no time limit and will always be active when equipped.
  • [KR] Crows Feather Box

    The crow reminds me of that one chair from the gachapon that brought the Mortello outfit.

  • The Kyururu Defense Minigame

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Hmmm... I tried to do it once, but failed since i was kinda confused, but i see my guess was right about stacking up only on Strength stat. Thanks for confirmation. :)

    Based on what the Beast says at the start of the mission, I'm guessing Kyururu either starts stronger or gains access to different skillsets based on how many times you've completed each Friend's daily quests.
    But really, if the minigame doesn't change, then it's mostly fine to just make Kyururu super buff, and rely on basic attacks and windmill.

    Also, as an addendum, if your mission takes place in the Dunbarton variation, it's harder because of the lower draw distance, not letting you see from afar where the Slimes are coming from ahead of time.
    It's nice that the speed walk potions are only 100g from the Lucky Beast's shop, I guess!

    One Slime got stuck near one of the field towers on the Dunbarton Map.

    And draw distance in the entire mission is crap. For a game from 2003, you'd think Nexon could at least up that a bit.

    The first time I did the mission, it took place on an Iria map, and unlike Dunbarton, the enemy draw distance is really far, so I could practically see them spawn in from the Lucky Beast's location.
    The second time, which was in Dunbarton, the draw distance was the first thing I noticed.
    Definitely an oversight.
    I wish every location had the enemy/NPC draw distance that Iria does.

    How did you spend your gold the first three rounds?

    Stupid tractor still kills me.

    I bought 5x HP100SE, +50 HP, and the rest went to Str.
    You'll have to scroll down on the list of choices where it says Basic Stats/Basic Skills to see the option to open up the consumable shop.
    I think it's called Souvenirs on the list of choices.
  • The Kyururu Defense Minigame

    Ya'know, it's basically Lorraine's Nightmare, but solo?
    I managed to finish it by stacking spending gold on Strength up to the max (~990) and that gave me enough damage to one shot all the Cellions and enough defense to facetank the Tractors.
    After enough rounds, the game does have an end, but it just kinda boots you out of the mission.
    Is this because it's day one, or because I'd failed my attempt earlier, or what, because I didn't actually get anything from surviving all the way to the end?
  • Public Serval Announcement

    Jam-packing your post's puns so densely is a very e-Fish-ent use of space, though reading so many animal puns in Kiwi-k succession is bound to leave the reader in a Cat-atonic state.

    Well it made me chuckle at least.