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September 4, 1993
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"Yeah? If you say that I'm surprisingly annoying, then you're one hundred percent right on that one."
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Nothing much to tell about me. Just an ordinary boy. That's all. Not like I'm going to write more about myself anyway. why? because I prefer that my identity remains unknown, just as it is.
  • Aren't they missing out on money?

    It's as if your wish comes true, man.

    The partner sale is back now, with some reduced price. Grab em while you still can!
  • Barri Another World Pass

    After some patches, I kinda forgot when, taking Barri Another World Pass for someone who already cleared the mainstream storyline is quite impossible. And somehow a friend of mine said that "changing to a slayer title would do the trick. okay. I did that and it worked amazingly for me. What I meant about slayer title, it's the one that said such as Golem Slayer, Ogre Slayer and such (I've just tried these tho).

    And also I remember I took the said pass YESTERDAY (my timezone, mind you), before maintenance, and it still works fine.
    And today, I found out that I cannot take the pass whether I equip a slayer title or not. This happens right after this maintenance. Am I missing something? or this is a known bug? Or they change some systems for it? Can anyone clarify? If anyone knows the solution, please let me know. I'm not gonna run normal Barri after dungeon revamps, it gets tedious and I prefer to do it quickly, without having to ask someone to help me.

    perhaps this piece of screenshot would help
    [Deleted User]
  • Mission Point End Date?

    It's just funny how people can be so insensitive. It's never hurt to at least have empathy. Never know so many people in this community have such a rotten heart. I still against the way people think or say that "it's our fault". It's just funny how people could just blame and ridicule the victim. I know you all aren't as heartless as you may sound. Just at least, think. THINK. just for once if you were on our boots. It could be a different case as well if you want it to be. Just think when you're having some sort of unexpected problem and we're just being oh-so rotten like you all and say "Well, get over it". How would you feel actually?

    Remember, being nice to other never seems to hurt, one bit.

    I just find it hilarious that some of the community have such a rotten heart. Three claps to that. Go you. Lol.
  • Mission Point End Date?

    Same problem here.. Just read the forum about this. It was gone. I was checking that it said still 7days on Monthly tab. And I lost like 11.000-ish points because I knew it's still 7days left.. Ugh... Why it's not stated right? I've done all these for nothing it seems.