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  • Pet Summon Lag

    The issue is extended to the Alexina server as well. It has nothing to do with a person's ping, as I know two people, 1 who lives 40 miles from the Nexon NA headquarters, and 2 who is on the east coast.
    1 is experiencing pet lag.
    2 is saying they don't see any issue.

    The lag started for me on the last update, along with the car pets coming out. It also occurs upon desummoning as well, so it's making it near impossible to run endgame content or solo the harder dungeons.
  • Bring Back the Mid-Game

    Caissa wrote: »
    I consider Hard Mode Shadow Missions to be midgame content. Hard Mode Advanced Dungeons are much more difficult than Hard Mode Shadow Missions. You should not be expecting to solo Hard Mode Advanced Dungeons.
    Very Fair. When I said that, I was referring more to the HM ADV dungeons. Personal preference, I guess I just enjoy running dungeons better than Shadow missions.
    Caissa wrote: »
    As for shops, I think new players would tend to avoid Dunbarton shops after realizing they can't afford anything in the player shops there. If you are trying to sell low level crafted gear, Tir Chonaill would be a better shop location, assuming you set your prices to what a new player can afford.
    Also fair. If only Tir Chonail weren't so quickly passed over by beginners who have their first quest line quickly take them to Dunbarton to see Lorna. With this lack of a true "newbie region" it's a little harder to find a target sales audience. But that is part of Mabinogi's structure, so I don't see much that could change that.

    lceCream wrote: »
    Sorry about that. Alchemy isn't bad or anything, it's just not the best at combat, which you were complaining about.
    I'm not so much complaining about combat, as I am complaining about a lack of fun fulfilling Non-combat options.
    lceCream wrote: »
    You don't need all the chain blade skills to play it. I literally only use chain sweep and impale
    If I implied I had an issue with that, I phrased something wrong or wasn't watching what I was typing. It is the same as the mages collecting their book pages for intermediate magics, albeit a good deal harder when you consider one location being the end chest of an abyss dungeon.
    lceCream wrote: »
    No even does part time jobs even before the gold nerf to them. The only one worth doing is getting holy water. That's still a decent money making option
    I actually did do the part time jobs when I was new, which as you said, was before they nerfed them way back when. Either way I still think they could use an update.
    lceCream wrote: »
    It seems like you just don't know how to make money. Most mid game players just spam shadow wizard with crystals. They spammed Conflict before it was nerfed
    Blacksmiths made millions off of crafting the new chain blades and the materials are cheap
    Spamming shadow wizard with crystals gets to be a tedious option. I'm not big on shadow missions because there's no variety, and I don't think a game should have only one good way to make money. Also Crystal costs can add up. If you're not getting them from gachapon or aren't strong enough to use them on the right missions. It sucks to be That Guy who is just leeching the whole mission because, while you can get into Hardmode Shadow Missions, you'll only get killed or be in the way if you help. I'm not one of these players, but I've taken people through missions who always tell me they feel bad that they can't help, or because they keep dying and leave me to fight alone.
    As for the blacksmiths and making chain blades, I think that's a bit of a new situation, lining up with exactly what I was talking about that needs to be added. Chain blades are a high damage weapon with easy to obtain manuals and materials. That is what I'm talking about the Crafting System needing. Had a new talent not be released, that money making option would not have existed, but the difference is, I want a revival of the old talents, by means of the crafting system. Make weapons more about how you want your character portrayed without having to deal with weaker damage. At least it shouldn't be THAT MUCH weaker.
    Yes, fair, have some rare weapons with higher stats, but any weapons sold by an npc on average are less than a quarter of the damage of a gachapon item. As far as crafting goes, Magic Craft is the only one that I see as "got it right" because hermit staffs still more than keep up with gachapon staff/wands. But why is a Longsword 8-19 when a Bargain White Beam Sword goes all the way up to 110? Isn't that difference just too extreme? The old weapons were made for different balance between player damage and monster hp. Unless you have very high STR, they just don't work anymore. It needs an update.
  • Bring Back the Mid-Game

    Dear Nexon,
    Lately, it seems as though everything you've added has been either in a hard mode dungeon/Shadow mission, or in some new impossibly hard quest mission, because of this, I see it fit to write you this letter from a Mid-game player. None of this makes me want to keep playing.
    The new giant update came with nothing I could do or enjoy. The Chain skills are near impossible to obtain without shelling out a couple million gold that I do not have. Gacha's are only raising prices and killing the value of old formerly valuable items that I worked very hard to obtain. I can't enjoy living my fantasy life if you as a company only add things for the players who are more pro than I. Even the Newbies have gotten updates with fresh new looks, and teleport books that I as someone who has already been over 1k for years, cannot enjoy.
    I don't want to give up on this game. I love this world that you've built. I love the rebirth system that makes me feel like someday, eventually, I will be able to do anything. I'll be as strong as those I get help from, and will be able to give help to players where are where I was. That is what I wish for the game, but as of now it looks like this won't happen.

    The first problem I see, is the dwindling number of early and mid-gamers. Early players are discouraged quickly when they realize they can't be as cool or helpful as the "pros". They don't realize there are things they can do. Part-time jobs don't give the money they need, even though it's the easiest thing for them. They'll never get a nice dress by doing a 1k per day job. It would take 32 real life hours just to fill one gold bag, yet most part time jobs don't even pay that much. So what are they to do? Run a dungeon?

    Dungeons have become ranked in difficulty. The easier the dungeon, the less money you can make in it. Fine, that's fair, but at low levels it takes the same amount of time to run Alby int, for a new player who could die several times per room, as it would for a pro to run a harder dungeon and not die at all. It breaks their weapons, armor, and spirits, and still they're wearing their newbie wear.

    Perhaps they could buy something from a player tailor? But who trains tailoring anymore if they're not just in it for the DEX? This is where the Mid-gamers aught to shine. Yet there are no smiths, no tailors, no handicraft shops. All of Dunbarton is filled with player shops, and nearly all of them are selling items from events and gachapons. Why do you think this is? You added new manuals and materials just recently, didn't you?

    Yes but as I said before, you added them to HM dungeons. I am mid game. I cannot solo a HM dungeon. Therefore smithing and tailoring are worthless to me. Even when I did recently start training these skills, I dropped, ego fed, or NPC sold every item I made. What else could I do? No one would buy them because they're blocky, badly rendered, and poor stat items. Nothing compared to the stats you can get from a Gachapon gained treasure. You have taken away one of the main things that a mid gamer has. And also there are some who came into the game, not for fighting but just to learn a craft and make some money and friends. That is now gone.

    Sure, people are saying that the game is getting too easy, or boring, but you're mistaken if you think the reason is because we are all too high of level. Many of us just feel that our effort is wasted. Rewards aren't good and botting and hacking is growing. We in the mid game, just can't keep up. We're discouraged. Even if changes are made, it will be a long road to recovery for this community. We've fallen behind and many of us aren't sure how to catch up without resorting to the same methods as the botters, gacha players, and gold buyers, whom we hate so much.

    So here I am, asking you to do something, and giving you the comments I've heard from so many mid-gamers.
    Bring back the Crafting System. Make more things out of common leather, fine fabric, finest silk, and everything in between. We don't need new materials to make the item worth it, we only need them to have better stats. Even better looks only would be better than the badly rendered NPC sold armors that we can craft now.
    Update the NPCs. Modern graphics have come a long way, and we're done with the square boobs and arms that disconnect from the torso.
    Add new rewards to low level dungeons, not everything has to be rare.
    Update the enchanting system. What good is a rF enchant for 1 point of HP, when I have totems with 70 HP on them? And I will never try and use a r8 enchant when it has a 60% chance of completely destroying my item.

    We of the Mid-game ask you, Nexon, to realize that we are the majority. We help the beginners. We team up and conquer dungeons. We fight fully prepared in our best gear, unable to relax and use cheaper equipment like the pros who are just too strong. We spend millions on repairs. We are the biggest gold sink. We are not the problem, building us up is the solution.

    Bring back the Mid-Game.

    North America Alexina Server's Frustrated Mid-Game Alchemist
  • NPC Clothing Shop Revamp

    Absolutely agree with this!
    This would be a huge boost to fixing the economy within mabi, and would get new players feeling like they're part of the community and not getting judged from their newbie wear. Personally I really like a lot of the NPC exclusive items, but most of them still have a very blocky shape. After all these updates, isn't it time to smooth out all the old outfits. Get them up to date. Please!
  • Kam's Art Shop [Sale]

    Finished a line art example! hawksong_and_his_big_lil_sis___forever_friends_by_zoologykam-dbj1rc9.jpg
    Click to view on