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  • Idea For Magic

    I was thinking about a new way to spice up magic, and I thought that a new race specific magic skill for each race would be a nice way to add some more versatility into the skillset. The idea I was thinking of would be along the lines of having each race get a different elemental skill, like say Giants could use an Ice Skill (cause vales and what not), Elves could have a Fire Skill (cause the desert being hot and what not), and Humans could have a Lightning Skill. These skills could have a short charging time, and a brief cooldown period that could be slightly shorter than lightning rod.

    Ice Skill Idea #1 - Ice Cone. Could hit a cone shaped area in the direction you choose. Could be targetable like what exploding kunai is like.

    Ice Skill Idea #2 - Freezing Wind. Similar to what the ice attack on elven magic missile is like, it could freeze enemies in a windy storm and damage them.

    Fire Skill Idea #1 - Fire Wall. Since elves are squishy compared to the other races, it could be a more defensive skill. Set up a wall of fire that damages enemies that pass through it. Or just place it on top of enemies to cook em quick.

    Fire Skill Idea #2 - Breath of Fire. Fire Dragons Roar. Breath fire to do cool things.

    Lightning Skill idea #1 - Chain Lighting. Similar to a fully charged lightning bolt, but have more damage and it could hit a larger group of mobs.

    Lighting Skill idea #2 - Lighting Strike. Target a mob and call down a single bolt of lightning that hits an area around it.
  • No event

    I miss the XO event
    [Deleted User]
  • AP, EXP, and where to get it

    If you have r1 Ice Spear head to shylien nature reserve level 2. Over by the giant crystal there's a ton of mobs and you can get to level 100 pretty quickly. With a 2x monster exp and 2x exp potion, i hit lvl 100 in about 10 mins. Alternatively, if you can join in on a MA group that is spamming it, you can get approx. 1m+ exp per full run. Or the good ole shadow wizard spam with crystals.
    [Deleted User]
  • Where is your "Best" chillspot in Mabinogi?

    The interdimension between TNN and the end of the dungeon.
    [Deleted User]VitulaVimi
  • Crossover Events

    Seven Deadly Sins would be a great fit. They could give us the sacred treasures for unique items.