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  • Music and Composition Overhaul

    I'm always up for music updates.
  • Manuals/patterns for new gear with each gacha

    I honestly feel that bringing back the old production gacha and just dumping new manuals in there every so often would help. The manuals would drive people to run content for materials, and since Erg effects are a thing now, would mean some of the older manuals would see use as sacrifice items.
  • Morgant is Vayne

    Leinei wrote: »
    Also, Lugh/Morgant wasn't trying to teach Ruairi to be good; he was trying to teach the numbskull to not blindly follow Morrighan and the Gods because they liked to play games, and that Humans were evil due to betrayal he experienced, further evident by Ruairi's dad being a jerk and offering his son to a dragon in exchange for power. He also goes nuts in G16, taking over the kingdom, believing Bella to being his daughter Triona, and then losing his mind when it turns out she isn't. If anyone's playing mind games on Lugh/Morgant it was Morrighan (who was responsible for Bella) and Cichol.

    If anything, I'm still suspecting Piran to be
    part of Vayne/Balor. Seriously, did you see Balor's mark? It's the Hymerark heart but with the left side flipped upward. Someone's trolling there. Anyway, weird as it is to admit, Balor hasn't really shown us any evil nature beyond leaving us in a room with an empty shell of his body that tried to kill us. Cethlenn deceived the Fomors while his boss buddy Vayne/Balor was running around with us and protecting two mortals from danger while we went after those black stones with the red eyes. Of course, that's just on screen. We don't know what he's been up to off of it.

    Honestly, the fact that Vayne being who he really is was obscenely too obvious. He doesn't lack subtlety with that magma armor of his and that flashback. I'm really hoping it's just a case of 'he just doesn't care that much because what are you going to do about it?" or some sort of misdirection like "hey, i'm wearing the magma armor, but my real self is over there, lol".
    Considering he taught you "enlightenment" it was more or less he knows for a fact that the Millitian wouldbeat that thing with little issue. Even Marlied notes how weak it was when compared to the legends of Balor. In fact he even goes as far as to speculate that the Millitian could actually find the sword that defeated him and other things. All things considered Vayne is genuinely interested in the Millitian. He even expresses sadness if you choose to be mistrustful of him during the Gen. The implications could be that maybe he wants another arch rival, or to knowing the Millitian's unlimited potential, raise them up to a power level to be used in a scheme, or he just wants to screw around and see how we interfere with the prophecy. Also my speculation is that Balor is a legitimate follower of Hymerark. As in he always has been. His twisted version of the mark might have been his way using the symbol to his own end. Considering that he actually knows and understands the teachings of the religion and can recite it and offers his own interpretations, either he picked up on it, or he has always been a worshiper. The flip side of the coin is that Hymerark is an evil god and has been directing Balor and the Fomors for some plan to overthrow Aton Cimeni. Not the first time a God went down that path.

    Morgant was more or less teaching Ruairi that the so called justice of the world isn't what it seems. That the Gods he thought were good, and the humans that upheld justice, where not what he thought they were. (Which he was entirely correct on). Also I still like to believe that the Lugh in G16 isn't Morgant. The man despised that name and obviously had a much greater scheme in mind, hinted at when he notes that he's using Cichol for his own ends as well. I feel like it was a step down for Morgant who went from manipulating the Gods to just screwing around with a kingdom.
  • Alchemy nerfing is a bit extreme

    Less nerfed and more crippled. Alch itself is utility, they should be embracing the fact that players -should- be using them in this missions, particularly weaker players that may actually need to do this to compensate. I mean I can understand if the boss is immune to certain things like sand burst, sleep, etc, but not the dungeon. Hell I wouldn't mind if just the boss room has these restrictions, but if the rest of the content is like this, then it just really hurts players that invested in the skills.
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  • Is Vayne Identity....?

    Maybe Balor, now Vayne, actually wants us to subvert destiny. His dialog states that Millitians are not really bound by the prophecy so it might be him setting things up so that the Millitian will be in a position to combat it. From what we can tell, Vayne is genuinely enjoying himself in our company and is actually quite polite even when his alignment is revealed. In fact he even goes out of his way to calm us down by telling us the little girl was still alive. He throws around quite a few speculations and even notes that we might even be able to retrieve the sword used to defeat him. (I'm not even going into the plot hole where we own a sword that is literally divine power given form). Given about how he despises the name Balor and his general disposition towards fomors, my speculation is that he wants to use the Millitian to be free from his connection to the Balor of old. He seems to have really found enlightenment and is pretty at peace with himself currently. But then again he could just be cartoonishly evil.