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  • G22 Balor Battle

    Balor was nowhere near the frustrations of the other gen's bosses. I got through him relatively easily. Also you were given a bunch of techs to work with, one of them being a buff for your HP. I recommend players with lower defenses to just spend your broigh to get it to level 4 to get that 4000 HP shield, even doing other things the skill is quite useful as it also acts as a full heal. The thing is that Balor encourages players to try their new techs against him, so yeah, go ahead, experiment a little.
  • Patch note on Def/prot rebalance

    The formula was altered so that protection is calculated before defense. Before it was Defense was calculated first then protection. This means that defense will get you more for its value. Basically we have a hypothetical character which has 10 Def and 50% protection and is set to take a 100 Damage hit.

    Old forumla: (Dmg - Def) * (1 - Protection value) = (100 - 10) * (1 - 0.5) = 45 Damage taken
    New formula: = (Dmg * (1 - Protection)) - Def = (100 * (1 - 0.5)) - 10 = 40 Damage taken

    As we can see, the new formula means that you take less damage and that 1 extra defense translate to blocking more than 1 damage.
  • [G22] Lower the Cumu Requrements

    The Memory Book event fast tracks you to lvl5000. Should really only take you a few days to get to it. Also I think the reason was because the gen's difficulty was quite high and players needed a strong base before going into it.
  • This is TNNN: Breaking News!

    As it turns out, Mabi characters getting turned into real life people also turns up their attractiveness factor as well. Whelp, time to ask nicely for Nao to put on Rua's dress again.
  • What do people like about spirit weapons?

    Zeo wrote: »
    TNinja wrote: »
    For me it's purely mechanical.

    I don't like it when devs rugs a feature just because they screwed it over. Try to adress it instead. Or at the very least, officially kill it, if they don't want to bother.

    My thoughts, exactly. They could have used this time to focus on revamping the spirit weapons instead of putting all of it out on erg.

    The sad part about the erg stuff is that it makes ego weapons even worst off since they also cannot receive erg effects.