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    There are those that want to GATTAI!!! And there are those that do not want to GATTAI!!!! I think KR's solution to that was not to merge the servers but they did implement a paid server change option.

    Also I'd like to bring up the issue where people say that a server merge is very easy technically and its just merging the database and adding some prefixes for name/ID conflicts. I'd like to take the time to remind you that this is an old game and the current team working on it has came out and said that there are several black box codes that they have no idea how it works. I'd also like to remind you that in the recent server "upgrade" where they were literally just moving things to another computer caused hotkeys, inventory, and pet tabs to break. No, a server merge will not be easy and most likely not worth the money required to do it. I'll probably say that we'll never ever see a server merge, but a server change option is more likely.
  • This is why the saga had great writing.

    Leinei wrote: »
    @GTCvActium Like I keep saying, I hated how everyone just rags on Merlin in Saga 2. It's horribly immature and it's not cool, nor is it good writing as you say. Treasure Hunter's story was extremely poorly told. Yay, he has a baby gorilla (who is annoying as hell because it picks on Merlin too!), but we never really find out the reason behind why he is so money-hungry. We never even find out the guy's name. From what I got from Saga 2 about him, supposedly he was one of the cursed people (Ban/Settlers) and his father gave his life to save three kids from the curse. Hey, Nexon, who were the other two kids? Part of me is thinking Shamala because she's never really explained either. Saga 2 had nothing in the way of character growth.

    Well now that we've ragged on about how bad Saga was, we could take a look at all the good ideas it had. First and foremost is the ability to replay the story. The episodic nature of the quest lines means that people didn't burn out the content the few days its released, and its weekly return was a good way to get players to return and invest in a bit more.

    I like the idea about bringing Ancient Iria back into the mix and what other powerful enemies were sealed besides the dragons and how with the seal weakening, these ancient enemies would emerge again. Hell, the entire sub plot about the discovery of Hillwen technology and Shyllien magic was a wonderful thing. Too bad none of it really tied itself with the story besides "this is a thing now".

    The idea that the descendants of the first settlers are still active and plotting against Neamhain was a treasure trove of plots that could've been used. Shadow missions where we repel Cessair raiding attacks, or assaulting Cessair strongholds would have been an interesting thing to have included in. It'd make Iria a much more interesting place and have people hang out there more often.

    Millitians being possessed by demons is also an interesting idea. Missions centered around a bunch of corrupt Millitians as enemies would have been an interesting thing. Like they have the usual boss HP but can use player skills and their skill sets are randomized for each encounter.

    But as I've said before, Saga was a bunch of wasted potential. The story left little impact, the characters are half baked, and it mostly tried to ride off the success of other generations.
  • 2nd Titles Universal

    I mean our accounts share the same dressing room, 2nd titles and a few other things should be too.
  • Let's make armors have poison resistance attribute

    As you know we have all sorts of equipment listed as heavy, light and clothing categories, my suggestion is that the more armor you wear, the resistant you will be to poisoning. A full clothing set for example would give 10% resistance, light sets 60% and heavy sets 90%. This means that with a complete heavy armor set, you will have a 90% chance of not getting poisoned from poison attacks.

    So for clothing the break down for poison resistance will be like this:

    Equip slot: Clothing Light Heavy
    Head: + 1% +6% +9%
    Body: +5% +30% +45%
    Hand: +2% +12% +18%
    Feet: +2 +12% +18%

    What do you think?
  • All Instances Need a Reconnect Feature

    Pan wrote: »
    Should change it to, "Yes, I'm a literal spoiled crybaby".

    I'd love to live in your world where there's absolutely no technical faults, difficulty or issues. I mean this sounds great, I mean its not like NX could be the one having issues, because we know the NX is a perfect exemplary company that keeps their games running on tip top condition and never experience any issue ever so that means that it's just all those poor people in less developed areas that are stupid for being poor, live in that location, and have limited options for what they have available to them.

    Unfortunately us mere mortals don't live there so how about you get off your high horse and actually consider features that might make the game more enjoyable and accessible to people less privileged than you. Consider for a moment how a reconnect feature affects you if you never drop connection. It doesn't. All it allows is for someone keep the progress they've made in case something went wrong, either because of technical issues, or just some random freak accident, or even just a random disconnect from Mabi itself.

    The fact you have the audacity to call people spoiled children while telling people they should move to other places while disregarding their current conditions just highlights how spoiled you are thinking that the world caters to your whims.