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  • This is how Nexon feels I bet.

    I still don't get why some people were against it, it offers nothing that is detrimental from it existing. If you don't like the cutesy lovey couples theme then just don't go there. You've lost nothing from doing so. If you want the outfit, then you have even less reason to complain as you can obtain it out of RNG and Gacha.

    As part of the bigger mass that wanted this to return, its a nice place to have. It's exactly like Festia, a nice fun place for people to mess around and enjoy. It's a good location that's built for flying around taking pictures.
  • Returning player have a few questions

    As a player from Mari, the server is still decently populated. As for the recovering your original account, it really depends on how much you've invested in it. For example pets, or other cash items might be a good incentive to return rather than create a new account. Furthermore, a recent update allows new players to reach total level 5000 with in a few days so besides the hybrid training you will have more than enough AP to max out a talent. So if you have low investment in your old account, it might be better to start fresh and just progress from there.

    REJOICE! Behold the event that surpasses all other events! The lord of time, traveling beyond time and space to reign over past and future... Doki Doki Island is its name! We have borne witness to its glorious return!
  • Vote for your waifus nerds

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    Avelin's cute with her hair shorter, but Eiren is so cool, and seems to really treat the player as a friend and companion that's helped her. I'm cheering for Eiren all the way~

    Eirawen seems to be into the player as more than just a friend. There's a few dialog exchanges that teases her 'attraction' to the player regardless of their gender. If anything she'd rather you just work for her in the kingdom loafing around in the royal palace if only just to give her a sense of security, basically a living teddy bear all things considered.

    Avelin on the other hand sees you on a more professional light. A reliable and powerful ally that she trusts with more sensitive information. The relationship is also much more professional. From her point of view, the player is a specialist operative of the organization whose powers, experience, and expertise are invaluable in combating the current threat they are facing and is an individual of similar rank. (She doesn't treat you as a subordinate, and is much closer to being a peer).

    On that note I prefer Eirawen if only because she has a much more personal connection to the player. She also has a much better character arc of which we were an active participant in. We meet her as a highborn princess who had the world at her beck and call, we then stand witness as she loses everything, from her friends, to her father figure and at her lowest was just a sobbing mess that was moments away from being murdered. She ends her story as the wise Queen of Tara whom the player helped build directly, using their status as a hero they built an alliance of various factions and installed her as the leader before securing her position by helping her overthrow an unfit ruler. By comparison, Avelin begins as a well respected member of the Alban Knights, and ends pretty much the same way, her only change in character is her coming to terms of her brother's death.

    did you misread eiren as eirawen, or did you really want to compare avelin with eirawen? lol

    Upon closer inspection yes. I'm pretty sure I screwed up everything I did at work yesterday too from the 1 hr shift OTL.
  • Taming Revamp

    How about an actual "Taming" talent. Basically using skills to summon and direct beasts that you've tamed and collected into your taming journal. I envision this talent to be a support talent where in the user summons different beasts to match the current situation and party composition. For example summoning elemental sprites increases charge speed and damage of magic/alchemy cast in that element. A bear would increase damage of near-by allies and succubus will provide party healing effects. At Rank F you only have 1 summon but at Rank 1 you can have up to 6. When equipped with a taming cane and a beast summoned, when you right click a monster, instead of you attacking its your beast, you have skills like beast smash, beast stomp (basically windmill) and some support skills similar to music buff skills but only apply to your summons, so skills that increase regen rate, damage, attack speed, etc. The Ultimate Skill would be "The big march of animal" where it gathers up all of your summons and have them charge forward for 2000 distance (width 500) that sums all of their damage * 900%, it'd be similar to puppet's climatic clash. There would be different types of beasts: Offensive, Defensive, and Support. Offensive beasts will have higher attack and their skills will have better multipliers, Defensive pets will have base regeneration, heavy standers, and have a similar effect to link where in aggro get directed to them instead of the player. Support beasts will provide a buff of sorts depending on what beast it is.