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  • An Interesting Tale

    Greta wrote: »
    Walkerr wrote: »
    Yo all of you scumbags, ye boi gonna make this thread for the sake of archiving all sorts of interesting things for all viewers in the future to read when they get bored. Write a tale of one of many interesting or odd times you've had during a day of logging into Erinn.

    Wow, ok.
    Also, what boy? Seeing you for the first time.
    Walkerr wrote: »
    Here I am now, if I can hopefully post up this snip of where I am now as I type this out.[img][/img][img][/img]

    Lmao. :D Can't tell if you are trolling or legit.

    Someone archive this for future generations to see, ALL MUST SEE.
  • Should stances overwrite other idol poses?

    I still fail to see why people are hating on stances being in the gacha. Stances are the perfect things to be placed in there, they do nothing besides modify your idle and combat look AND NOTHING ELSE. No, it doesn't need to be part of the ranking system, and it doesn't need to be acquirable in-game. In fact this gacha is actually a model that NX should subscribe to instead of dropping Rank 1 reforged armor with stats comparable to the strongest available in-game obtainable equivalent with a unique status effect. Barring of course the stupidly OP elite titles. That's the only thing wrong with this gacha. Here's the deal, you get stances for one reason and one reason alone: for style. You either spend the gold to buy it off a person, or you dump some money in the gacha because you just really LIKE the stance. it offers nothing to modify your play style, and hell, 90% of the time you won't even be paying attention to what pose you're taking while doing something.
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: (M) and (F) Tags on Items

    In my honest opinion we should just remove the gender thing all together. If a balding middle aged man character wants to dress up as a pretty frilly magical girl, WE SHOULD LET THEM. Mabi is all about freedom. We should embrace our freaky side.
  • Necromancer

    We have a discussion on this already:

    Please refer to there for your Necromancy cravings.
  • Rework the Pet AI

    With the downfall of Mabination we've lost some knowledge in pet AI making. Mabination actually had several AIs written that you can use that are quite good and some are even adjusted to specific fighting styles. We have pet AIs that make them behave as a player would in a combat situation (using counter or def after attack, charging bolts on a successful counter, etc), support type AIs like pets attacking something while the player uses magic or range, even some AIs specifically built for exploiting soul link. You can probably find these in some form other another in different places, but I got my AIs from Mabination, in a surprising simple design choice, you just move the files to a specific location and Mabi will actually read and list the AIs in your pet interface so you can select and use them.