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  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    KelpSoda wrote: »
    you missed his point he has fun by having unsustainable gear that runs on the red numbers

    makes sense, totally, not complete bull

    Well I have fun and I still make money, can improve my gear, and buy nice things despite all that so... I guess I'm god now? I guess that make sense too.
  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    Finity wrote: »

    I did solo a 500%hp heroic alban with 50% max damage with Aton ciminei anvil stone before- not because it's challenging but because I wanted to upgrade weapons. Good luck using luxury gears there, since it'll kill dura very fast.
    You cannot use them without loss in end game contents. Maybe if you're human and use it only when FH'ing or blading. I don't know what 'mechanics' and 'personal skill' 'economic progression' you are talking about but as an elf dura loss is inevitable. It's not like I can level up and decrease dura loss when I use magnum shot. It's not like I can decrease dura used by figuring out how to use skills(since skills that do not use dura are limited). Even if you have a lot of money and can repair these weapons you're still operating at "loss" because you're spending way more than you're earning. Your words are contradicting, because you're saying "If you cannot use them without loss then you're not ready for yet" and "It's not about cost efficiency, its about challenge" at the same time.

    Building divine weapon itself is luxury enough. 40 ancient golden crystals (which would cost 100+m in Mari)+ extras, enchanting until 3 piercing or high roll, special upgrading with Eweca protection stone, and reforging until you get roll you want. If players put that much effort into a weapon they should be able to use it without worrying about repairs, not 'switch to low tier gear because using this weapon is not worth using except for challenging' - it's like paying millions of dollars for a luxury car and keeping it in garage because I have to pay for some special b/s gas that costs 1000$ per gallon to use that car.
    + It's not like Nexon NA put these repair fee here for a reason, Nexon KR put absurd repair fee because they wanted internet cafe revenue and Nexon NA just copied and pasted without any localization like they always does.

    Okay then, if you want a course on equipment efficiency then lets go.

    Mechanical Efficiency - Using the mechanics of the game to save on durability. Skills that do no consume dura are limited and not readily available in all cases, as such you alter your battle strategy to minimize durability loss as much as possible, how does one do this? Minimizing the amount of Dura consume strikes required. The basic strategy is to use single high multiplier strikes on enemies, and using Multi-targetting strikes for groups. However, there are situations that require a bit of extra thinking. If mobs have HPs that are higher, you can do some simple analysis to figure out using what skills incurs the lowest amount of strikes. A simple situation is you are facing two enemies at the same time, you have 1 single target skill that will kill one in a single strike, and you have a multi-strike skill that will requires 3 times to kill both, then you will favor the single strike, if the same mobs are present, but there are now more, say, 4, then you would favor the use of the multi-strike skill. This would reduce the amount of strikes required to take down a target. Another strategy is to use the stronger weapon as an opening attack, reducing the enemy HP by a large amount before switching to a weaker, less expensive weapon to finish them. This can also serve the dual purpose of increase combat speed as a different weapon type means using a different skill that is not on cool down. The idea behind this is to minimize strikes required by a specific weapon, making use of the mechanics such as skill advantages, weapon switching, and skill effects will help strike efficiency. There are many more methods by these are some basic ones you can employ provided you analyze the situation a bit.

    Economical Progress - (I can't believe you can't figure this out) The measure of how well and how accessible the player is to income sources. Direct Combat is not the only income source available to players, such avenues such as commercing, player services, and bartering are also acceptable sources of income. Commercing is simple enough, the combat is light and can be generally avoid save for a few instances, and can be done in groups for safety. The ducats earned can be used to buy goods that can be sold to other players for added profit. Second is player services, items that are usually consumed by players such as holy water, potions, and materials can be provided by someone who acquires or crafts these. Simple produce and sell avenues here. Finally we have conventional bartering, the buying and selling of goods on the player market. Knowledge in the market values and fluctuations can make a person very wealthy, all without launching a single attack on that expensive piece of gear. In this sense this can show how well versed you are in controlling your finances and using your assets to improve what upon that.

    Personal skill - This is the skill of the player, not the character. How well you respond to any given situation is dependent on how good the person playing the character is. Things like knowing how to adjust strategy, skill sets and weapons to best suit the situation are examples of personal skill. Other things like knowing exactly what to build, synergizing your skills with each other and knowing what you are fighting are all measures of personal skill. There is also personal skill in the above mention efficiency and how well you implement those. Playing the game is one way to improve this, as your experience gains, so to does your skill in different aspects. The different avenues and workaround exists and can be used. This is a mark of personal progression and skill. Here are some tips you can use, try experimenting with different skill combinations, it can be both fun and challenging to adjust your current combat style through mixing and matching. Perhaps you've forgotten how that certain skill combinations work well with each other, or that combining certain skill produces a specific result. An example, Defense and counter do not reset fighter chains, so you can use it them in between fighter combos as a way to "guard" against enemy pings.

    Basically get good at the game, not just the combat, but there are other aspects to learn before you are *actually* ready for certain things. These things players have learned and use on an instinctual level, but rarely do they look and understand. And for the record, yes, I do exactly that, I use my luxury gear in ridiculous Alban runs, solo phantasms, and other such things because I know how to effectively use my equipment to minimize what damage I do to them if I use more than I anticipated, then I look for ways to improve, what did I mistake on, did I use my skills effectively, things that I check if I'm unsatisfied with my style. I make use of various aspects of the game to build, support and maintain my equipment and I'm for the most part a free player. Finally I built my lance by collecting the materials from the boxes, I didn't need to spend this mythical 100m you seem to be sore about for it, and when I got to build and use it I was fully ready to support and maintain the weapon and I use it freely, because again, I'M READY FOR IT. If I can do this, then there are no barriers for you either.

    The conclusion that this works as a way to alleviate inflation is laughable, since the inflation isn't spread out over the entire playerbase, but highly concentrated in a few individual players. Why do you wonder why I get so annoyed when someone suggests making things for these players, based on a developer oversight that should have been noticed before it was launched?

    There must be a distinction made between the idea that 500 gold in Generation 1 is equivalent to 50,000 gold, and the fact that the richest players have more golden than hundreds of players in a method long since patched.

    I simply want the best, and the best to not net me losses.

    The thing is, this is not spread out across the entire player base. Lower level players would have cheaper and easier to maintain weapons that is within their ability to repair. Beginners are not handed fully enchanted divine weapons with 10x on them when they start, they are given a base weapon with a repair fee of 1g. They work their way up from there, gaining new weapons as they progress and along with better weapons, a pricier maintenance tag. The 10x for what is the best available things in the game are geared for the best players, players who have the capacity to not only obtain it, but use it, and players what hold large amounts of wealth that are a good target for anti-inflation measures. If you want the best, then you better be prepared to PAY FOR the best.
  • What the heck is wrong with this game progression?

    Aeolys wrote: »
    Once upon a time, we used teamwork. We also prepped for battles; we had to make due with HP30 potions! Throughout dungeons like G1 or G3 final, we fight smarter, not harder. We focused on surviving. We used campfires to heal. We used campfires to do more archery damage. We used campfires to avoid fireballs. We worked hard for success, for our Goddess enchantment, for our Obsidian enchantment, for the completionist inside us to say "we beat G1/3!".

    This was also the time when archery was the bee's knees so... yea, times have changed a lot.

    Mostly because of the way combat works now and the relative power of beginners vs beginner mobs, people quickly adjust to wanting to solo content. As I'm fond of telling people, the tutorial we have now was never around for the older players, who used G1 as the tutorial. Thinking back the original G1 taught players many skills and tools needed to play the game properly, like diversifying skill sets among the party and how to co-operate using these different roles. They also taught players to figure out strategies and use them to give them an edge against an overwhelming powerful boss. I know many people that did G1 together became friends that often ran content together. But those days are gone because of the shift in player mentality.
  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    Please use spoiler tags for excessive quoting.
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Buffalos wrote: »
    Ask some questions before using your insane repair rate weapons:
    Am I gold farming? If yes, use that one sword I can full repair for 50k and still one shot everything thanks to power creep.
    Am I material farming hard content? Let's use that 100k/point weapon so that I can effectively farm for a material I could easily sell for that plus a little profit, or maybe even use it to make an even pointy-er sword.
    Honestly the game needs a fully required gold sink like repairs. We've had some monstrous inflation over the years and I'd much rather slowly fix that instead of having to continuously add more trade window capacity so that I can put 500 million in checks for a single item down the road.
    Rhey wrote: »
    Aren't they divine wep exclusive as well?
    The previewed ones appear to be, yeah.

    Wouldn't it be 140k for one point at 98%? I cannot imagine many rewarding content that wouldn't make up for spending one point. ONE POINT.

    It seems that something like Shadow Wiz Elite Spam with Crystals would be "one of the few" given time and durability spent, and one certainly do not need weapons like this for such content.

    In any case, tailoring the economic gold sinks to the 10% who farmed VHM Girgashiy in its heyday hurts the rest of the playerbase. You could say most are not in content that would greatly benefit from such weapons, and that is true. Yet, it is inane to assume that just because a player is strong, that they have mountains of gold sitting around.

    In which case, points to the bigger issue for all of us. This weapon isn't efficient, and many people are adverse to loss in profit already.

    Well its not like your weapons will increase repair fees as you level up, you built the weapon, enchanted it, and reforged it in the manner of your choosing. You can be reasonably strong level and skill wise and still use cheap disposable weapons. The idea is that if you have the economic means of building and maintaining such a weapon, then go ahead. The increased performance is not a super high margin and is mostly reserved for those that wish to pursue something strong and for something to spend their money on.

    There is no issue since there are cheaper alternatives for all classes of weapons and the differences between them aren't game breakingly large (reforges are a different beast but good reforged low end cheap gear can beat out unreforged high end gear). If you think using a certain weapon is going to be a loss, then simply don't use it, use something you're comfortable maintaining. The only thing to actually complain about is envy, namely the fact that someone can afford to build, use and maintain something that is superior.

    I am complaining that there is no point. I am particularly peeved that there is no incentive to use it, due to incredible inefficiency. This weapon operates on a loss, depending on gold obtained beforehand

    No one gets rich using unsustainable methods, and the margin isn't enough or "needed" in any high level content. I could not use it, sure, but that belies my main criticism; implementing content that isn't viable. I do want nice weapons, but I want things I can actually use.

    There are no economic means to using this weapon itself, nor are any avenue opened up. This is distinctive facet in the general overview of how one makes gold.

    Hence the issue of utilizing it being not to make gold, but "Can I kill it or not kill it?" The latter seems irrelevant.

    To reiterate, I am irked by content that has no incentive for anyone to partake in. You cannot maintain this weapon if one uses it, in most content at most levels, including anything consider high level content. It's a bragging rights weapon, nothing more.

    I speak of efficiency, not of having money to throw for the sake of it. The idea of trying to cut down on inflation via this method seems idiotic; it wasn't just a general rise of gold earnings versus fixed prices for the playerbase or anything of that sort, but people who were around to exploit recently nerfed methods of gold acquisition, resulting in a massive influx of gold to very few players in the population.

    At what point would catering a weapon to them would do for anyone else without that fortune?

    You may need to operate on a loss when your goal isn't to get gold from what your running but to simply complete it. The point is that there is a cost vs performance situation to consider, if you are doing things that are just simply build up gold or resources, then you aim for cost effective solution. If the point is to complete something challenging then you'd aim for performance. There are plenty of situations where one would use a high end weapon with little regard for the cost of using something like this. Its possible that people build gear that they cannot support the use of as a sort of limit breaker, switching over to these equipment would push them to be just strong enough to accomplish a goal even if its not economically efficient. One such example would be soloing a particularly difficult dungeon, one might use weapons gear, and items that are rare and limited in supply just to accomplish said goal. There is no regard for the rewards, the money earned, etc. This is because the challenge itself is the goal, and testing the absolute limit of the player at their absolute best.

    The whole point is that there will be someone that is very good at acquiring the resources required to use and maintain these weapons and the ridiculous repair fees are for those people that can and will amass large fortunes because this is an effective solution to remove gold from the biggest money makers playing the game. Furthermore, there is incentive to use high end expensive and inefficient weapons, to show off the status, wealth and prestige of the player. People forget that this is an MMO, items like cosmetics and extremely high end gear are used to show off that the progress of the player. The incentive isn't resource gain, but self gratification, the fact that you can field something that not everyone can readily use or support is one such reason. Basically the enjoyment of owning and being able to use something rare. Which is why these super high end enchants and weapons have such high repair fees. For people that CAN support these have amassed sufficient funds or have found effective ways to use them efficiently.
  • What the heck is wrong with this game progression?

    The problem is that beginners are far stronger now than they were when those generations came out. They get a sense that ramming into the enemies at full force will work in all situations. Due to all the updates, and the vast majority of skills being offensive, players rarely, if ever, use defensive strategies. When players are finally faced with something that is a challenge, it becomes annoying to face. Many players don't know that using defense with a shield lowers dmg by a fixed %. Small shields reduce 50% on top of their stat boosts during defense, medium shields do 70% and large shields (giant only) do 100%. You can actually block all of thunder's strikes with defense which paired with a medium shield will reduce the dmg by 70%, even the final bolt won't break it so once you tanked the damage you can cancel the skill and proceed with an attack. There are also the magic shield skills you can get if you prefer 2h weapons or don't have a chance to switch weapons. They can reduce magical elemental damage up to 50% if you're alone and 100% if you have someone using the shield with you.

    Further more, most boss moves can be dodged, dragon meteor for example can be dodge by moving behind them when they fly above, breath attacks are done when the dragon is reeling back.

    In short, there are many ways of combating things far stronger than you other than running face first into them. The exceptions are bosses meant to deal with high end players, who have the gear, skills, and experience to combat them successfully.