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    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Funny how this thread went from server merge to bots and inflation.

    Welp, I'll see myself out.

    Cause people think that server merge will magically fix every problem, grievance, and issue they have. Bot problem? Server merge! Inflation? Server merge! Lead in the water pipes? Server merge! Mum-Ra hatching an evil scheme to rule the world? SERVER MERGE!!!!
  • This is why the saga had great writing.

    Xafnir wrote: »
    1) The story does not have to be all about us (even if it WAS if you pay attention to G19-21 and even G22 in some points), we can play a character as it is viewed from a different perspective and that's not bad at all.
    2) Cichol is NOT dead as stated in G12 at the end AND G21
    3) Because of the end of G12, I have my doubts that Nuadha is still actually sealed too
    4) Morrighan only said she retires as she's tired of governing the mortals but in fact she meats up with Cichol AND Nuadha in Falias. Let's not forget Cichol already met up with Nuadha prior to G16 and we know Nuadha stole the power of the throne of Falias effectively making him something akin to a Mid Tier God, also remember that Morrighan and the Miletnian SEALED Nuadha in the Throne room BUT Cichol entered it and at the end of G16 Morrighan entered it too which (to my understanding) means that the throne room has been opened.
    5) You say that the control of the gods had already stopped by that time but it had not. There are 3 tiers of gods, from the only tier 1 being Aton Cimeni, to the 3rd tier ones being Cichol and the others. The 2nd tier gods still more or less guide the world in whatever direction they want. To a mortal, if a God "guides" the world in the direction of murder and destruction and they have the chance to mess them up then they WILL. All their actions are perfectly justified when confronting the gods.
    6) You say that our 3rd tier gods are ill equipped to handle the "otherworldly" intervention? I beg to differ as you can see how easily Cichol handles Brilluen with whom story wise we as the milletnian struggle. Our Gods are overwhelmingly powerful despite what anyone thinks. The fact that we beat a grieving Neamhain that was barely trying or a knock off awakening of Macha does not make any statement regarding their power. Also at the end of G16 we can see Morrighan meeting up with Cichol AND Nuadha, and Nuadha alone would be a force to be reckoned with let alone all 3 of them.

    Except when the perspective is changed, it is not actually real time, they are framed as our characters experiencing those as flash backs. In essence, the window by which we view the world is still through the eyes and experience of our characters, and our characters are viewing another person's experience via magic/dungeon instances. Saga instead has you take control of the characters while your character is suppose to be active as well, so no the perspective shift is different in feel, tone and usage. Basically in previous generations, perspective shifts are used as a way to explore another character's actions and gain insight on their experience so that we understand their situation at the present. Saga's perspective shifts instead are just so you take control of other characters while your body just becomes dead weight. If you look after the Sagas, we don't take real time control over any characters, all perspective shifts are in relation to character's actions already past. They are a narrative device that lets the player experience a flashback to that person experience and situation.

    During Saga, the Millitian is not suppose to be aware that Cichol survived/revived. That was a scene outside of the perspective of our character. Going into Saga, the Millitian is aware that Morrighan has retired, Cichol and dead, and Nuadha is sealed. From our character's point of view, and within the narrative information, that's what we're aware of, and that's what we'll tell Tarlach if he bothered to ask about the Gods.

    As for what the Gods are up to after our adventures with them, the fact remains that they have retired from active service. Their gripe on Erinn has severely loosened and their roles as guardians has been replaced by the Millitian. As for Nuadha's sealing, we're only shown him residing in Falias, where he was sealed. We're never told if he broke out and all evidence points to him still being bound there. Unless there's explicit evidence showing him leaving Falias, or his activities outside of it, he is for all intents and purposes, still sealed there. If anything I feel like Nuadha made the seal interactable so he could taunt Morrighan after all, remember, the seal was meant to bind Morrighan, we just turned it around on him instead.

    Finally, tier 1 and tier 2 Gods are do not directly involve themselves in the affairs of mortals, and have not done so since Erinn's creation. We're always told that Aton and his immediate subordinates offer teachings and guidance, but it was the 3rd tiers that had direct intervention. As in actually manifest and involve in direct interaction. The fact we've never seen any of the physical manifestations of the higher tier gods means they are largely out of the affairs of mortals and are instead closer to benign protective forces that separate Erinn from outside forces.

    On the topic of our Gods vs Outwordly Gods, the Apostles and Prophets are not Gods. I don't know why you could compare them to 3rd tier Gods because they are residents of Erinn granted power by outworldly power. They are in fact closer to what the modern Divine Knights are in creation, power, and rank. The fact that Cichol could smack them around would be like saying that Cichol could smack the Alban knights around, they are in different tiers to begin with. We have not seen any outworldly God, only their agents. The fact that their power can directly compete with Aton means that they have at least one deity that's on par with him and our Gods are severely weakened from infighting. Erinn's Gods are ill equipped because 1: their numbers are severely depleted from infighting and war, 2: Morrighan and Cichol cannot muster their mortal armies, at least not on the scale they could at the height of their power, Cichol for being abandoned by the Fomor race, Morrighan for being sealed for so long and having some mistrust sown over Cichol impersonating her during her sealing in G1. Consider for a moment that as an invasive force, the outworld Gods have a more unified force, given how much power their followers are given, at the very least a God of equivalent rank would rival one of Erinn's. Here's the deal, at the creation of Erinn, with all Gods assembled, Erinn would be protected against outside threats effectively, after the ages of infighting, difference, Gods retreating to their own corners of the world, Gods dying, and others becoming inactive (by sealing or leaving altogether) Erinn's Pantheon of Gods are weakened. They are ill equipped.
    What makes the G18 story so brilliant are actually the other generations that came after it. It opened the story to something deeper than Mabi had before and that's not something easily achievable. almost every piece of story that came since G19 has been directly caused or is directly related to the events of G18 to some degree and I'm more than certain that G22 arc will prove this as well. I'm pretty sure the theme of this new chapter is the fight against destiny and again as a statement of the brilliance of G18 Destiny in Eirin does not affect the otherworldly beings (Or at least untill the book of revelations part 2 depicts the future of the otherworldly gods) or even if it does, this gives mabi an even larger overall plot point to touch upon as maybe there's a bigger picture than Aton Cimeni himself.

    Except we literally just did that with G16. We have a tie in with all of the adventures up until then, you try to muster the forces of Emain and Tir, you are reminded of your past adventures, and bring all your allies in helping you retake Tara. This is nothing new. This is called continuity and Saga was not the only generation that did this. What it is guilty if is riding on the character arcs, development and emotional investment of other more successful generations. Tarlach and Ruairi are the ones to carry the story because we care about them, we didn't care about them because of the events of saga, we cared about them from past generations. Tarlach was a close ally and his character arc was also closely tied with the Millitian's actions. We found Tarlach as a broken man living alone in some remote location mending his broken body. As we adventured we brought closure and truth to his plight, Tarlach found his heroic spirit back and came to support you during your battle against the Fomors and the Dark Knights. Once again, we have emotional investment because of the actions and developments from past generations. Ruairi's arc is also deeply tied with us, he was overwhelmed by his grief that he lashed out at the world, yes, this sounds familiar, because this was done, in G2 and G3 already. He was antagonistic towards us because we represented everything he hated, we were the future he could've had but robbed of, we are the agents of the Goddess that ruined him, we represent the murderers of everyone he cares about. Ruairi's arc consisted him rediscovering his heroic spirit and finally breaking free from the gripe of Cichol and the Dark Knights. Saga's biggest crime is undoing all of that to repeat an arc that was already done, and done BETTER.

    Saga itself doesn't do anything for the characters it introduced. None of its characters changed in many meaningful way. Tarlach suddenly asking you for help was because he realized that summoning the Goddess of Destruction that WANTS to destroy the world was a bad idea. Ruairi again, repeats his Chapter 1 arc, only he dies this time, Millia starts off angry, and ends angry but in a coma. Akule is actually dirty and homeless now, Merlin starts of the smug butt monkey and ends a smug butt monkey. TH just continues on being a kleptomaniac with a hard-on for screwing Merlin over. Compare this to Merlin of chain of destruction and G21. He's still shown to be the same smug person, but little cracks and quips show dimension to his character, we don't see ANYTHING like that in Saga. Ruairi's was always in your face "HE'S SAD, BE SAD FOR HIM" narration. Merlin's was subtle and well written, he makes little comments here and there, then immediately covers them up with his usual demeanor, he's poke fun of by Eiren, but we learn that he's actually really insecure and doesn't connect with people well and followed the advise because that's really all he could go on. We can also compare Ruairi's characterization in Chapter 1 to Saga, once again, just for the in your face "HE'S SAD, BE SAD" narration. Ruairi has outbursts before returning to his calm demeanor, he gives "The reason you suck" speeches that outline genuine grievances (though misdirected) and we see that despite fighting for the dark knight, he STILL dreams about being the hero again, and is in constant conflict with his own ideals.

    Finally, to give Saga some credit, it had genuinely good ideas, but what you call potential, I call wasted potential. Saga itself just left a bunch of dead ends, we have the descendants of the first settlers that just dropped off the radar when it was all said and done, the consequences of Tarlach and Ruairi messing with Iria's protective magic is never explored besides, ancient ruins show up now. Even G19, which initially made the excuse that outworldly invasion was happening was because of the hole punch revealed that no, outworldly invasions have been happening since ancient times. Saga was not brilliant, you may have gotten the impression because it reuses plots, ideas, and rides on investments from OTHER more successful generations. It's the spoiled rich kid with everything on a plate for it and just coasted on its ingrained wealth until it was time to pass on the drain inheritance to its successor. Many of the points you highlighted are actually lore and back stories written well before Saga was even conceived, they simply used it, and then tossed it back into the pile, never elaborating upon it, expanding it, or doing its own thing with it.
  • Advancement Tests Need A Renewal

    Since I have gone through Mag dan 3, I can say that healing is easy... Compared to mag Dan 3. But no, I can see people having difficulty on it because much of your points are also reliant on RNG elements. For example if the chick and bear decide to get into a staring contest, if the bear suddenly decides that it's too embarrassing to lose to the chick and rips the chick in half before you even react, or the chick founds out that the bear killed its best friend, turned Mega Ultra Chicken and then proceeded to end its linage.
  • All Instances Need a Reconnect Feature

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Honestly trolls are pretty easy targets, I mean its kinda like killing , you can do all sorts of nasty things to them and you're always the hero.
    . . . .
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    its kinda like killing
    ........okay then. I'm just gonna leave that there XD

    I mean, experience dictates you could also turn into the new villain or look like the village fool instead but its all relative I guess. if you don't mind dancing the word game with them then by all means live your life neighbor. I'll grab the popcorn XD

    Oh, so that's now they censor words now. Anyways, what's missing after the "killing" is a certain WW2 German force. Kinda wish they just use the normal "***" so that at least you know something was censored lol.
  • Elf Update?

    Elves don't really need buffs beyond maybe some additional exclusive skills for magic. And a buff to their magic missile (should be usable when in FS mode) so that magic doesn't do 30 dmg with a fully decked out wand.