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  • A few questions from a casual

    Nova Obliteration can pretty much clear out any dungeon/SM room barring boss monsters. Its a feat that not even Meteor and Bachram explosion can claim. Even if you use it on its lowest power, its still enough to clean basically any room in anything you run. On that point, the entire transformation is actually made for you to build up Nova's power to its max. Shield provides you with time and protection to use the normal attack, spike lets you build up charges without needed to time it, and blade is if you have weaker enemies around to use it on (each kill from blade adds a charge).
  • G22 Abilities

    For additional information, some of the traits actually add a "skill" of sorts that must be activated in order to receive its effects. Furthermore the active skills have durations between 30 seconds to 3 mins, and cool downs between 10-25 mins. An example is at that max level, Strong Will has a duration of 3 mins and a cool down of 20 mins (Which means its a longer duration Berserk without the defense nullification). The traits have 10 levels (10 is the max). Passive traits either activate on a set chance, or are always in effect. Even the ones that activate on chance (Continuous attack) have no cool down and can activate as often as probability will allow.

    Active skills (duration and cool downs):
    Strong Will (Duration: 30 sec - 3 min CD: 20 min)
    Transcendence: Life (Duration 3 min CD: 10 min)
    Time Distortion (Duration 30-40 sec CD: 25 min)
    Rapid (Duration: 3 min CD: 20 min)
    Rapid Penetration (Duration: 3 min CD: 20 min)

    Shock Offset
    Damage Absorption
    Elemental Polishing
    Continuous Attack
  • Wow the Auction House is really having an effect

    I get booted off frequently when I afk so I started using shops less and less. Plus Avalon raids are still a thing right now so being tethered to a ch is not ideal.
  • This is Now My Girl


    I'll just leave this here.
  • The Best Book In Mabi RN

    "I don't even have enough money to buy a weeding hoe." Dang he's poor. But can't you just dig with your hands?

    This poor boy can't afford a hoe, don't judge man.