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  • Older players are being unappreciated

    Do we really want to give more reason to for new player to leave and some one still want to blame new player for making the game easier then before. Then server merge wouldn't be a thing now. It a lot easier to keep old player around then keeping new player around.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Veylaine wrote: »
    wrote: »
    Hmm.... People still like to point finger and blame any thing that could cause mabinogi dying. Lately I been not spending much time on mabinogi and not spending much time on mabinogi forum. Just when I came back to check up on thing. I did saw some good update add into the game. Still find the player base or what they do in game. Are still pretty much the same. Old player have less reason to play and have some thing more important to do. New player don't want to do long grinding and also it is boring. Well mabinogi fan will be just fans of the game. I was one those mabinogi fan. Into I throw away my mabinogi fandom feeling. Just to find out.... What it mean to play better game then mabinogi. If you one of those user been playing mabinogi more then 3 to 6 years now. Of course you will be bored. The...
    I didn't know your forum name was allowed lol

    I been having this name more then a 3 year now. My avatar suppose to be a mushroom in mabinogi original old forum.