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I've been Mabi since Mabi NA was launched and enjoy a host of other games too. Just a normal guy who likes having fun and stuffs.
  • why no one is holding any concert in emain macha ?

    Hmm...just went through my screenshots and that event in Emain (on the Ruairi server) was apparently back in June 2017...still sooner than 2016!
  • why no one is holding any concert in emain macha ?

    Ruairi had a music contest / concert not too long ago. And it was AWESOME! I forget who hosted it though...probably was the Simply Guild...mind's fuzzy there.

    But a lot of people showed up and the performances were great! There were solo performances and group performances. And did I mention this was in Emain?

    But yeah, if people utilize discord and get the word out there, people WILL show up and it won't look like the 'dead game' so many are crying mabinogi is.
  • Just Monika...

    ...why does it feel like something BAD would happen if you looked away...?
  • A Little Market Consumer Survey~

    1.) What do U usually spend ur gold stockpile on?
    Repairs generally. Otherwise I....kinda don't really spend my gold. O.o

    2.) How often Do U spend ducats?(Or what do U buy/use em on? Fomor equips? Repairs?)
    Next to never. Don't have that many ducats to splurge with anyway.

    3.) Do U prefer getting things from the cash shop directly or trading Ingame gold for them?
    I honestly think I'd prefer spending ingame gold, RNG hits really hard 99% of the time.

    4.) Do U have a spending cap when going around PS shopping 4 items?(5m/10m/20m/etc)
    I generally don't shop around much, but I'd probably set my limit at 1/4 of however much I have in the bank.

    5.) Last but not least...Do U prefer to generate ur own gold income(SM/Dungeons/etc) or do U afk and just merch?
    I definitely prefer generating my own gold income. Though I guess squires fall somewhere in the middle,no? Semi-AFK to get gold...?
  • Boring....But the thing its.... u-u

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    probably a noobish question, but what is a so-called 'NUA'? ^^'

    Those are 'New User Ambassadors'. This topic helps explain it a bit: