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About Me
Hello, I'm Pionya from Alexina Server~ I'm not always active in forum so if you want to order an art commission, you can contact me directly in discord (AmantheaTS#3596).
  • Harvest Festival Screenshot Contest


    "Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Harvest Feast is here,
    But no food for you!"

    Just kidding! There's no way that I can finish all of these in one gulp! Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate it with a lonely milletian like me~ TwT (Yes please come-- I'm always alone--)

    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina
  • Spooky Screenshot Comic

    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina

    I'm not good with spooky stuff but I tried =w=
    If it looks blurry, just click the image and it will redirect you to the imgur link
    There are some panels with small dialogues so might as well try reading in imgur xD

    read from left to right :3
    I got this idea from a saying in our area. xD
    KatherzKensamaofmariFluoretteRadiant DawnIronMariel
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina

    Just Another Day with Pets


    Today we’re at Mag Mell with Pinkie and Katell, and that’s the 20th time that I had sighed. Ever since I adopted the wizard corgi, Atheilla, Niavir became more affectionate and Atheilla keeps on getting jealous because I haven’t been giving her as much attention as my abyss catsidhe, Niavir. There was this one time in the homestead that I was playing with Niavir and Atheilla suddenly ran up to me, knocking me down. I still can’t forget how angry Niavir was during that time that she attacked Atheilla with Piercing Howl. Atheilla easily avoids it and barks at her in a teasing manner.

    Ever since that day, Atheilla keeps on coming up to me. Actually, Niavir never cared about it at first but my problem is when I’m choosing which one I’ll be bringing with me when getting into a battle. Well, I always ended up bringing Atheilla since my friends also suggested to have her accompany me instead of my abyss catsidhe. You should have seen how happy my wizard corgi was but I worry about Niavir.

    Before adopting Atheilla, Niavir have been my partner every time I go into a battle. She and my lil jack, Ola-- I mean Frotze are a great duo. Whenever Niavir is in a pinch, Frotze appears and freezes the enemies with his special skill then let Niavir defeat them.


    I turned to my left to see Niavir and Atheilla, since when did these two get this close? Atheilla placed various kinds of flowers on my lap and barked. It seems like they felt that I’m feeling a bit blue. It looks like these two made up while we’re staying in here. I smiled at my lovely pets and hugged them both.

    “Thank you, both of you. I’m alright now~”

    *I can't think of any other title for this sooo.. T_T
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina

    Playing in the beach with my adorable chubby corgi~
    (bubble effect from Portable Concert Confetti Kit)

    Singing a perfect song with a(n) angery snowman~
    (a point for you if you guessed the song :3)

    Lastly, lay down and enjoy the beautiful night sky~ <3
  • Good Luck Katherz Contest

    Hallo! Best wishes for you Katherz and good luck! May both of you be blessed with a healthy life <3
    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina