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  • Why does Nexon hate North American players?

    Liyeta wrote: »
    Well f2p principle.
    Frustrate the player enough so they are forced to pay.
    If the player base is happy then they are not milking people hard enough.

    Of course Nexon needs money to develop and keep up the game
    So they sell cash shop items, and cosmetic items in gachapons/shopping bags
    That's how I see 'adequate' f2p service - and playerbase will be happy at this point
    But when they release game breaking stuff in gachapons
    or renew gachapon every 2 week
    I call it milking off from players

    ...Or do they have to be that desperate to keep up....?
  • Why does Nexon hate North American players?

    I don't know if they hates us but they are definitely lazy to bring some of the changes than NA players have been asking for years : VIP update, adding commas between numbers....
    Cscrimson wrote: »
    The only real interaction NA gets with GMs is when they announce new gachas or content updates and most long time players know about those updates months in advance from watching KR players streaming.

    And most of questions are answered 'We don't know' (aside from questions asked about future content streamed)
    Because they really don't know or do not have authority to tell
    Also I'm pretty sure developers don't read suggestions and feedbacks either and just mindlessly bring contents made in kr
  • Server Merge

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Unwanted2 wrote: »
    No I don't hate this game I just don't like having not enough people all the time ^^ You don't have right to tell someone to play different game. Your opinion is only legit....if there were enough people to make server completely full. I'd understand if you were only against mega server.

    I did not contextually tell you to "play a different game". I implied, if you despise the game so much then perhaps you should go play a different game, permanently; (if the shoe fits; wear it). My opinion is legit all of the time; as is every other opinion on this forum (let that sink in).

    There seems to be a communication problem here. ~ This thread is not about Hardmuscle's opinion, or your opinion of Hardmuscle's opinion, or Hardmuscle's opinion of your opinion of Hardmuscle's opinion, or anybody else's opinion of anyone's opinion. This is not an opinion party. :|

    This thread is a Nine-Year-Old (dead-on-arrival) debate. It remains open (as opposed to locked) only as a place to merge its own restoration in to (each time it's restored by someone who can't comprehend no). If there was only 1 channel on Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi (or you weren't playing when you know the USA is asleep for the most part), there'd be more than enough people to serve you; and yes yes, I am aware that the game is open to more than just the USA, but this does not change the fact that the servers are in the USA. I say "serve you" because, the level of thought (or lack of it) being applied here is assuming, 'others must be here to cater for everyone else'.. and that is not the case. You are basing your entire "judgement" on only the visible population (each and every time you make the judgement) and not once acknowledging those who aren't being included (accounted for; even rightfully), due to being offline for any length of time (be it 5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days, or 5 minutes).

    You and this cult (the server-merge-groupies) can't exactly say, "a user's non-presence around you (when you deem they must be present to serve you, on the spot) is indicative of inactivity warranting a merge of servers"; let alone a loss of all hope by anyone other than yourselves. :)
    9 year old topic, not same situation and population. You seem like only one stuck in 2008~2009.

    plural noun: forums
    a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

    You assumed that I hate the game, even after I said I don't.

    Other people aren't here to serve or cater for others. However, this is MMO that certainly needs party play at some point- and gives penalty for playing solo. They made this game that people 'require' other people to enjoy contents. Therefore large playerbase is desirable because it helps to find people with same interest.
    That certain time period when server feels active does exist- but it's not that long. For having players from various time zone, various life style (not everyone lives same), this feels very limited. I know game server is in North America, but it does not mean that they shouldn't care for others. That's why people are so angry with Watermelon event.
    If those 'offline players' you are mentioning plays enough to count in 'visible userbase- (regardless of whether 'I' see them or not)' yes they are contributing in 'active players meter'. If they don't, I don't know why you are caring so much for those who 'quit' and probably not come back for god knows when- whether it be now,tomorrow, a week from now, a month, a year, or forever. The one who plays matters.

    And no, channel merge will massively harm playerbase and bring no good at all;
    1. There aren't barely any players to gather from other channels.
    2. Lack of farming/training place
    3. Sale of daily limited item from npcs (Ducat shop, Cooking dungeon pass, etc)
    4. Dragons and field bosses - they only spawn one in one channel. You're asking those servers to have one dragon each per day.
    5. Some people like playing in other channels because they like playing solo/ less lag/ training skills etc. If they wanted people to play with they'd switch to busiest channel. Merging channels will just force bring those who don't want other people. Not to even mention anger and frustration generated from lack of space....
    6. When channel crash happens, people have option to change channel and play the game. If there's only one channel per server, they don't have option to cc.
    7. Changing channel solves most of the glitches. (Fighter glitch, Location glitch, Npc glitch, Dressing room glitch)
    People would have to log off if they didn't have option to cc.

    Obviously merging all channels to 1 would bring all these problems + possibly more.

  • Server Merge

    What works for Korea won't neccessarily work for us. Korea probably has better equipment since the game is more popular over there, for one thing. They certainly have a much larger flow of cash than NA does.

    So, unless the Koreans come over here to personally code the server merge themselves, "they successfully did server merge without DevCAT, even at korea where population is much bigger than ours" means absolutely nothing, and does not reflect in any such way the ability to successfully do it over here, since the people who would most likely do the coding are the people here, who I do not trust at ALL.

    Hardmuscle's "hatred" of this topic is justified; no matter how many times these requests have led to nothing (Nexon even once publically said that a server merge will not happen) people still beg for one. Its like beating a dead horse with another dead horse.

    While nobody knows who will take care that kind of stuff(coding,merging server etc)
    Complaining that 'this thread is old' is unfair for people who joined later - not everyone has been around here forever. Also, things change, like *cough* population of game.....I bet 2017 is definitely very different from 2009.
    I already know suggesting anything to Nexon is beating a dead horse. I don't expect anything but I do support this.
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Unwanted2 and @Oligarchy

    Why do the two of you (or you) spend so much time playing a game you despise? Perhaps the two of you (or you) should go play a different game, permanently. As for the reports, I said formally (as opposed to in this forum) and the both of you (or you) can consider it done. Your actions from this point forward (both in the forum and in the game) will determine the outcome. ~ I don't recall asking if you cared or not.


    Putting words in my mouth doesn't change a thing here. Closing the door is not about deleting accounts. It's about making the game unavailable because everyone has been squeezed together like sardines on one server, which at some point will become too full to accommodate the existing (as opposed to non-existing) userbase. Requiring Nexon to replace what you spent the last 9 years begging them to remove. ~ Define redundant.

    No I don't hate this game I just don't like having not enough people all the time ^^ You don't have right to tell someone to play different game. Your point is only legit....if there were enough people to make server completely full. I'd understand if you were only against mega server.
  • H-Hello? F-forum mods?

    watercat0 wrote: »
    Buffalos wrote: »
    watercat0 wrote: »
    we could force the mods to actually do their job and not have people report it on discord.

    VFMs are human beings who need sleep, live outside lives, and work other jobs to make a living. They aren't staring at the forums 24/7.

    Remove mods who are not hired by Nexon and hire people that do. They have money, its no excuse just lazyness. Also Missfortune the discord reporting idea only works if people use both the forums and discord. That rarely happens, its either discord or forum, think about which is easier.

    No we need more mods to delete those spams.