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  • Server Merge

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Oligarchy wrote: »
    And you must not be reading everything either. I never once said the server stats WHEN YOU MAKE A CHARACTER. I only ever referenced to the wiki measurements which change as the population and server status changes. I stated if you follow the server measurements at peak times.

    And no, I didn't go back and read through all the other messages, especially yours. Because at this point I don't give a .
    The meter on the wiki is the same meter (they both draw their information from the same source). If you continue to harass me, I will have no choice but to formally report you to the GM. Admitting you didn't read the thread or the comments before making a reply to what was said is a case closed scenario. You have no business remarking if you didn't read what you're remarking to (to clarify; you can post like anyone else; but, if you're not going to bother reading whatever it is you're attacking, it makes you a troll). ~ Like yourself to me; I don't have to put up with you.

    You and your friend (your ...."shadow") have not offered anything to this thread; literally nothing at all. Your only posts in this thread are posts made to attack me and my opinion, by stating how much more valuable you feel your opinion is over my opinion. -and like I said before; this a merged thread dump; Constant arguing over whether or not this should or could happen is stupid; because it's already been officially denied.
    This debate is literally asking Nexon to close the door on thousands of offline accounts (literally hundreds of thousands), solely on the basis of not being in attendance when some fool who doesn't know what they're looking at determines their existence to be null. This debate needs to die.
    I don't care if you are going to report me, and I don't know why are you so sure that 'disagreeing with you' is going to ban people....I stated above why I disagree with you, I guess you didn't read that means you are.....

    You make it seem like they're going to delete all inactive accounts.
    If those 'offline' accounts still plays then eventually they'll be on active players meter. Calculating average active player % for a month would be fair.
    As you say 'earth isn't flat' so there's very rare chance that 'all the players are going to login all at once and overpopulate the server' and that's why I want to follow the active players meter.
    No one said your opinion doesn't matter; and I did read all of your other points(not counting inactive players, merging channels, etc)and commented them, but you're the one who keep saying 'This thread is pointless because it's been officially denied,it's been going on since 2009 and it needs to stop' which're denying other people's opinion yourself. I said don't view this thread if you hate it for no logical reason.
    Sherri wrote: »
    After reading through all this, I'm against a server merge and mega server, for many reasons;

    1. It seems people are forcing the ideology of this thread down our throats. They think only about themselves or their server on this topic. Even then, people on their servers are also bound to disagree, sooo..
    2. I rather not be forced to merge servers and deal with much more people. I actually like having a smaller amount of population. If I wanted/needed others, I would simply change to channel 2 (Mari's busier channel)
    3. Although not confirmed this would happen, I don't want to lose a single thing I've earned throughout the years I have been playing Mabi.
    4. I'm worried about my computer and internet. I'm lucky enough that I can handle a busy Belvast on Ch 2 Mari. I'd rather not bother with anything more than that, thanks.
    5. Our economy is already all over the place. -_-

    Unwanted2 wrote: »
    If people can't login, that's not because server is too populated, it's because server sucks. It's known fact that mabinogi server is unstable. Population isn't problem. Mabinogi won't be overpopulated even if Mari,Ruairi, Tarlarch all gets merged together. Besides, why would they not increase server capacity if they put 3 servers in one.
    And suggesting reduction of channel is just blatant ignorant. First, there aren't that much people in other channels, you won't even see difference in population even if channels are reduced to 1. Second, people are going to suffer from lack of farming space, i.e Hillwen and Shyllien. Also, are you asking those servers to have only one dragon at a time? How ignorant....
    If you're so tired of this topic, why don't you just ignore this thread? Seriously, it's just this thread.
    People from Alexina shouldn't complain about seeing this thread, because it is not their problem. It's about servers that suffer from lack of population. Even if they decide to take action, Alexina won't be affected because they are fine. If it make you feel uncomfortable and tired, just ignore it.

    As somebody from Mari, I'm also against this. Don't speak for the whole population of Mari OR the other servers!
    I used Mari+Ruairi+Tarlarch server just for an example. Doesn't mean servers should be merged that way.

    What kind of internet/computer do you have if you can barely handle that....?
    Oligarchy wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Crossx2 wrote: »
    As someone who has switched to Alexina because of the lack of people in Ruairi (and please don't say I'm part of the problem, I held out on Ruairi a long, long time, and contributed to population by running a guild and keeping people together best I could for several years), I am in favor of merging servers. No matter which way we do it, nothing but good can come from giving people on near dead servers a higher population to play alongside.

    I'll admit I'm not an expert at how the game's coding works, nor the limitations the system has. And I'm not familiar with how running servers works. However, specifics aside, I'd say that the idea of a megaserver sounds like the best course of action to me. This opinion comes from my experience playing Mabinogi almost since its launch, seeing my home server live and breathe and then start to fade, switching to the most populated server in a last ditch effort to have people to play the game with, leaving behind all of my levels, skills and items. I've seen 2 servers for myself, and heard much talk of the others, and have played many other games (mmos) where I've seen the good (and the bad) that comes from having a single, large server.

    Lets be honest, whoever it was, Devcat's instruction, or the staff at Nexon, the "New" tag on the Alexina server was left on for far too long. It created an imbalance that no simple solution will fix. Right now, Alexina is practically the megaserver. You could merge the other server(s) in an attempt to balance the population, but the idea has already taken root in the community that Alexina is the place to be. I'm unaware of the specific statistics, but from general understanding, seeing for myself, and hearing people talk, the populations on the other servers (Ruairi and Tarlach the most, but also Mari as well) have suffered greatly. The only long term fix to this, and also the issue of gradual decline in population over time, is to switch to a megaserver now.

    Combining all of the servers into one megaserver would cause a rise in the population. People like myself, and many others, would return to the game, to ensure we have our characters, our gear, see what the new server is like, meet new people. A lot of those people are going to stick around, because the reason they had left the game is gone. I believe a merge would bring life back to the community, the bigger the merge, the larger the effect. This effect is going to last for some time, and it would be a great opening to introduce additional content, to keep people interested, and several fixes, to show the community that the game is still being cared for.
    Changes can be made to deal with a large population on one server, more channels can be added, spawn rates can be boosted, ect. I don't know how much I'll go into detail about my opinions on these things, as I'm sure its something the developers and staff have much more knowledge about.
    There wouldn't be a problem of one server being more laggy or having a worse community than another, because there will only be one server, one community, Mabinogi. All money and effort that is being spent to keep the 4 servers running right now could be combined and focused onto the new server. As the main post in this thread has said, technology is moving forward, and if we want the game to stay relevant and stick around, Mabinogi should move forward as well.
    For an older game like Mabinogi, keeping the community together is something that is very important, because without being in this together, we have less reason to care as a player base, to stick around, to voice our concerns to help both developers and players stay on the same page, to spend money on the game. It is my belief that a megaserver will be a great step towards encouraging all of these things, by making us one community.

    From a player standpoint, I see no reason why a merge of all the servers, or any server, should cause us to lose anything. Characters, pets, names, items, gold.. all of it is just data, and information, right? I understand its more involved than that, but there should be ways to copy the data from different servers, and combine it into one (or more) server(s), without losing anything. It just seems like it would be something that might take time, and a lot of effort. However, I feel the situation requires this time and effort be spent, to ensure the merge is successful, and that people have a reason to stay and play the game after it is complete. People do not want to lose their hard earned progress, which they have spent much of their own time and money on.
    For names, I understand that they are already sort of on the same system. It is possible to add and message people from different servers, two people with the same name could speak to each other in private messages or notes. It just puts a (Server) tag at the end of each name. Why not keep this? Representing our home servers before the merge doesn't sound like a problem to me. And if a few people do have double names, you could give them the option of changing names, or if they choose, to stay the same. The issue of a few people having the same name feels like a very small problem, in comparison to the mass loss of population the game has seen, and will continue to see, until something is done to fix the server imbalance issue. Besides, many new games and platforms, such as steam, already allow people to play games with the same name, just a code or something else to identify them otherwise, and I've never seen nor heard of any large issue arising from this method. If unique names must be had, then at the very least, allow whoever logs on first to have the name, and offer name changes to those who end up with duplicate names. (This is the method I have seen in other mmos when server merges have happened.)
    Guilds are unique, independent of server, there can only be one guild of a name. So if a guild with a name exists on Ruairi, that same guild cannot exist on Alexina, or any of the other servers. Why not keep this as it is, as well? Just transfer all of the guild information to the new server. If transferring them is an issue, remove all players from the guild and bind it to the guild leader, so they can recruit people back after the merge.
    Pets could keep their names just like characters, I don't see why it matters much if a couple of pets are running around with the same name. Or they could be wiped, to allow people to rename their pets, in my opinion pet names are not as important as character names, and are worth sacrificing for a merge. An additional suggestion would be to make pet naming a separate system from character naming, as its always been odd that pet names take up many of the names that would have otherwise been available to players.
    I see no reason for character progress or items to be lost. Bind the characters skills, inventories, dressing room, banks, and pet inventories to the players account, and transfer a copy of that data to the new server. Or, if the dressing room really is an issue, give players ample warning to remove items from it, and at very least, keep a copy of what each account had in the dressing room, and give the items back to them on the new server if they were not able to pull them out in time.

    A server merge, especially one on such a grand scale as merging to a megaserver, is a big event. Many warnings should be given, care should be taken to make sure that nothing is lost or overlooked. If sacrifices do need to be made, they should be laid out for players well in advance. Support should be available to resolve individual issues that arise.
    I can see why it is not something that the devs, nexon, and many players want to deal with. But I, and many other people, do believe that something like this is necessary for the game's survival.
    Personally, I would be willing to give up everything for a server merge. In fact I already have, when I switched to Alexina. Although I did so with the hope that I could return to my account on Ruairi one day if such a merge did happen, and there were people to play with again.
    I think that every possible solution for keeping players characters and items intact should be explored before a decision like that is made, however.

    An MMO is just that, a massively multiplayer online game. Without the multiplayer aspect of that, the game cannot be what it is. If the game is not what it is, then it will be something far less, or worse, nothing at all. This is what I truly believe, why I changed servers, why I post this now. To be able to play this game and enjoy it as it was meant to be, and as it has been all of these years, we need to merge the servers so that the population can be joined, and balanced.

    I wait for the day when I can invest in an account again, and be sure that I will have people to play alongside, because I do love this game.

    Define Windbag...

    As someone who has played hundreds of games and someone who has experienced many server merges, I am 100% against this. A server merge would be detrimental to our community, whether you see it clearly now or not. Like I said in the other forum (in the same debate), a server merge is a step taken before a game dies, to condense and reduce the costs of server upkeep. I refuse to watch this game die at the hands of a few careless people. A channel-merge (on low traffic servers) would provide you the traffic you're looking for. (I'm not a fan of server-cide).

    Mabinogi (whether you realize it or not) is a business. Imagine the lag (speed of movement) if Walmart condensed all of their checkouts (or their bathrooms) into one single super-checkout (or super-bathroom). It would satisfy some people and drive others away. This constant server-merge proposal is no different than that; and the lag (speed of movement) would not be any better.

    I say constant because.. this has been going on since 2009. (This topic is as old as mold and tastes just as bad as it did back then).
    Seriously. Put it into perspective.... If a game (any game) is too populated for a person to log into (at any given moment); they'll play a different game. No one likes to wait in a line, get disconnected a few minutes later, and then wait in line again. ~ It usually goes over like a lead balloon.
    You also have to consider a ton of other things, but I am sick to death of this topic. It would help a lot if the people who keep this topic alive understood what they are asking for (or at least understood the purpose & restraints of a server|channel cluster and the processor it runs in).
    The folks on Tarlach, Mari, and Ruairi would have a much better case (in their favor) if they were all reduced to one channel each and had no visible population. ~ If that were the case; This topic (the eight year-old server merge request from hell) would have an actual leg to stand on.

    You're one of the few that feel this way. A server merge doesn't always MEAN that it's about to die. Look at how much people are still spending on this game. The point of the merge isn't to consolidate server space and save money, it's for US. The community. It's for us to be able to play with MORE people. MMO. MMO. MMO. :)

    Anyone that knows me from my behavior on the previous forum knows that me and Hardmuscle don't agree. (Heck, we were even "shipped" together once, for being so against each other).

    However, I agree with Hard. A server merge is a sign of desperation.

    What a lot of you pro-merger people seem to have forgotten is that this is Mabinogi and Nexon. Mabinogi, the game that runs on an engine literally no one outside of the game has even HEARD of (in comparison to, say, Valve's Source Engine, which many people who have never touched a Valve game knows about (Vindictus runs on Source Engine 1)). Remember what happened when Pioneers of Iria (Generations 4, 5, and 6) were added? The game was down for three days straight. Generation 9? Took the game down for over a day. I SHUDDER to think of what disastrous occurences would happen with a server merge; I'd be surprised if ANY data survived that, looking back on Nexon's track record. As for devCAT, all of the people who originally made the Pleione engine no longer work at devCAT.

    Crossx2, it doesn't matter how you felt your server was, you abandoned it; I see enough people talk to see that Ruairi still has life, and I can see that WITHOUT logging onto the Ruairi server. Tarlach has a few very active guilds (one coincidentally named Active).

    As for the reason why people leave, there are MANY reasons; toxic communities (like Alexina), long dry spells of no significant updates (which have happened from time to time), or simply losing interest (its possible). I know a few Alexinians who would ditch Alexina like a poisonous rash for servers like Tarlach. More people =/= a better experience 100% of the time.

    Desperation is why this thread exists. Also more people leave then people join(for various reason you stated), so community is bound to decline...
    Merging has nothing to do with engine, but adding contents is. Those incidents seem like they happened long time ago- and I rather not judge them with something happened that long ago.
    A lot of people don't know this but...DevCAT no longer even takes care of mabi since god knows when. However they successfully did server merge without DevCAT, even at korea where population is much bigger than ours.