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April 30, 1988
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  • Updated Beauty Coupon/Character Appearance System

    Or alternatively:
    Add a Pon price to every option.
    Add an elevated price to permanently unlock options
    Coupons auto unlock permanent options

    Currently prices change depending on what your changing:
    Face, Eye, Mouth and Hair Types cost 5 (10 Faces, 163 eyes, 96 mouths, 126 hairs)
    Hair and Eye color costs 3 (40 hair color 41 eye colors)
    Skin Tone is free

    Taking into account current pon prices: 1 Pon = $0.10 after converting from $ to NX to Pon even at a no increase in pon price to permanently unlock will potentially pull in up to $222 just to unlock all the currently available options for a female elf. Even higher should they drop the racial exclusive appearance options as well. At what might be an agreeable x3 times increase in Pon price that could go as high as $650.40 per person, and depending on if they limit it from account or from character could reach ridiculous amounts for such minimal work

    But instead, they will most likely keep the way things have been. With people rarely if ever changing their appearances, besides specific events of course.

    Note: These prices are a long term price mark, not meant to be a lump sum. For example, new gacha is launched every 2 weeks, and if you were to buy 10 gacha each time it changed you'd have a price mark of $780 by the end of a full years time
  • Dungeon Reward Rate Increase Event

    So I saw that the event has been canceled for Rabbie Phantasm for undisclosed reasons. But I just decided to enter Music Math, and it's broken. Nothings spawning in when you open the ambush chest
  • Anime Crossover Events

    If Nexon were to scramble for a anime crossover starting NOW, they would miss FALL seasonal anime (Sword Art Online: Alicization, Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia, My Hero Academia Season 4, Azur lane, Granblue Fantasy 2, Phantasy Star Online 2 and nearly fifty more) Then giving them at the bare minimum time allotted for planning and development 3 months puts is outside the WINTER seasonal Anime (Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown movie, Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden, Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi amd lots of other possibilities)
    So I think they would be aiming for an early 2020 anime in which lo and behold! Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III. Spring Song movie is still targeting that time table. They can just blow the dust off the old event and change a few things around, less focus on Saber and Archer. And focus on Berserker and Rider! And personally, whether its Apocrypha, Grand Order, Extra, Stay Night, or Zero, anything that focuses on the ill fated, but always awesome Rider Class servants is fine by me.

    Edit: For a bit of clarification any series that isn't airing soon doesn't have an active advertisement budget. No budget = no hype train. No hype train = no reason to loan the property out. Think about all the previous crossovers we got. SAO when SAO was at it's peak, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, Netjuu no susume, and Re:Zero were all airing as the event happened.
    In which case the case of highest probability (unless they take the above example) would be Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season two. TateYuusha would be pretty easy admittedly. Selling a reskinned Kokopo as Filo pet, each cardinal heroic weapon could easily be a crossover weapon reskin. 2nd titles are easy and quick to make. And I can see Raphtalia and Malty's outfits being locked behind gacha. Raphtalia could even have the tanuki tail tossed in to help promote VIP and style tab purchases because why wouldn't they?
  • Please let aim speed count toward magnum shot

    Lutetium wrote: »
    #Damage Per Minute of r1 Magnum vs r1 Throwing Attack purely from stats with no reforges.
    ; (596*5)*24
    ; (496.6*9)*15

    Aren't these numbers assuming perfect execution as well as no unlucky misses and latency spikes?
    In theory it may read like that, but in practice I have a 25ms ping (which is better than the average you listed), and it sometimes take a skill long enough to load that urgent shot oftentimes times out, thats a 3 second load time on an instantaneous skill.
    However the above listed factors will limit the consistency of elf ranging. Did the enemy move outside the two second strike zone? Did lag make you hit 99% about .6 seconds ago and you haven't caught up yet? Did you just roll badly and miss despite the 99%? Lots of possible factors for DPS falloff
    Giants still have to deal with the skill load and execution times, yes, but can simply mash the hotkey to eliminate the RNG or user sides timing fluctuations

    But yes, if you were running a wired connection directly into the server, and you were using a bot to time everything precisely on a higher than average rig. I think those above numbers may be a fairly accurate approximations, but for the average user they will see much lower efficacy rates
  • Console crossplay

    Free to play games on ps4 dont require ps plus and as well playstation has made large exclusive deals with tera neverwinter and onigiri to name a few to port over

    While I cannot confirm the state of Playstation Network allowing free to play multiplayer games without their paid services, I can however confirm neither of those statements are true for Xbox.
    I can and have played Neverwinter, Tera, and Onigiri on my Xbox. So they are not Playstation exclusives.
    Nor can you play them without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.
    Maia wrote: »
    It would be interesting but I don't think they'd add controller support. There's already a lot of button/key customization we can't do. Not to mention adding controller support would just handicap people who chose to use controllers (it IS clunkier, just no way around it) and wouldn't solve the problem of reaching a broader audience by appealing to those without PC's. It's not just about controllers after all.

    Xbox live, switch online, etc. are pretty much a non-issue. They're part of the gaming world and widely accepted by console players. There's also plenty of free to play games on consoles so this wouldn't be a new concept either.

    I agree that it's unlikely we'll see controller support. However as for keybinds, there's already alot of binds and shortcuts and options that go underused, unknown, and underutilised. Don't know how many times I've mentioned that you can keybind something like pet info screens or talent page and don't have to dig through menus to people that legitimately didn't know about them after months to years of play.
    Fact of the matter is, people don't want to pour through and fine tune settings, they just want to get in the game and have fun. They like a standardised control scheme. For example look at every shooter having nearly identical control schemes, someone found something that worked adequately, and it spread from there. (Try playing the N64 classic shooters and come back with how well the controls have aged in comparison to even a lackluster modern title.)
    Personally I have mixed feelings about controller to keyboard+mouse, Analog movement feels so much more natural than the cramped and asymmetrical WASD movement, yet the precise control of the mouse cannot be matched by the controller.
    Currently I have 80 different skills ready to be launched at any time, not to mention additional tabs for number keys, F-number keys and second sets extra tabs as well. That is A LOT to juggle through. And I wouldn't be adverse to shortening that that somewhere near 12-16 most frequently used skills and abilities, and having to menu more often to switch them out periodically. It would definitely help assist against the UI being so cluttered feeling.
    Biggest PROs:
    My laptop is so old and busted it can't or simply won't install a new mouse because it requires upgrading drivers. But my USB controllers still work fine.
    Less screen clutter
    Biggest CONs
    Typing chat on consoles is garbage without a USB keyboard
    Inventory management would be nightmarish

    And while true the paid services aren't anything new and yes there are some legitimate free to play games on them. But in order to play a multiplayer game, Battle Royales, Hero Shooters, MOBA and MMO alike they all require a paid subscription service. My comment wasn't about it being a new concept at all, but the fact that we already have it for FREE free, (Barring rent/mortgage fees, power utilities, and service provider charges of course!) so porting it behind a paywall, accepted or not doesn't seem the best option.
    Additionally, the surge in new players wouldn't be long lasting as many people are turned off by the outdated graphics, and relatively slow game speed and will probably move on before they realise the finer points to Mabi sadly.