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Sometimes I wonder why I bother with mabi...but then I log in and look through my friendlist and see many great people I've befriended in the two years that I've been here. I remember the first day, I nearly quit because the game was too boring without friends.I couldn't do certain missions on my own and I figured the game just wouldn't work for me..until I met a friend. She shouted "elf!" and followed me around. She, too, was elf and we were close. A lot has happened over the years and my big circle of friends dwindled down to only a small handful...which is honestly...the best amount anyone needs.


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I love Aileen, mabi and my cat Soojin...and NCT.
  • how do i start g9 or skip g8 please please help!!!

    Yeah to skip that gen you need to be able to have Duncan do it, and its level-locked. You won't be able to start g9 unless you're 260, or power through g8.

    Though, I know you said you dont want tips but here's one anyway: when you're doing the fossils and you notice time i srunning out but you know you messed up, type /logout into the chat bar and enter. If you have a shop open, too bad. This will force a log out and the fossil timer stops so you can try it again. Take deep and steady breaths, you will be able to get it done.

    Until then goodluck, and work on getting 260 if you want to skip this. Tbh this gen isn't needed.

    And that's why I never put activated totems in the sale bag.
  • Name Changes

    Sherri wrote: »
    I'd like it. Dumb how Nexon KR dictates everything. It's like they hate NA.

    That's just how Korea goes. Their company, their rules. They most likely check to see if its worth it. How much money will it take, the coding, would people even use it? etc. And, Korea usually loves NA so I think they're just not wanting to invest something that may end up flopping.
    [Deleted User]
  • 44 STEAMPUNK boxes for 4 STEAMPUNK items.

    Friend gave me 10k nx for my upcoming birthday. Spent it mostly on steampunk gacha (like 7 boxes) and got fallen fairy M outfit, Marcan trans and other junk items.

    Complained like usual to friend cause my luck is so bad as always and he decides to buy some gacha cause he usually has uncanny luck and got the steamstress F dress. by uncanny luck I MEAN UNCANNY LUCK. He once pulled 7 wings or so from gacha in one setting. I blame desire sensor. Cmon he has no interest in the gacha himself and he has this much luck??? jealous. I think he only spent 5k, too so.
  • [FIXED] Ruairi is only wearing his underpants

    It'll be a huge spoiler alert for people who don't know that Ruairi is the black knight. (like me, I never finished the saga so I had no idea until a friend told me)
    [Deleted User]