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Sometimes I wonder why I bother with mabi...but then I log in and look through my friendlist and see many great people I've befriended in the two years that I've been here. I remember the first day, I nearly quit because the game was too boring without friends.I couldn't do certain missions on my own and I figured the game just wouldn't work for me..until I met a friend. She shouted "elf!" and followed me around. She, too, was elf and we were close. A lot has happened over the years and my big circle of friends dwindled down to only a small handful...which is honestly...the best amount anyone needs.


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December 17, 1998
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What's the point of looking back when time only flows forward?
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I love Aileen, mabi and my cat Soojin...and NCT.
  • Friends? ( :

    Hello yes. I have joined the Mari server and chose fighter to be my main an elf. Lit. uhh, I need friendos who wouldn't mind helping me with things like sms etc. I tried to do today's daily (shadow wiz) and i died like wayy too many times..on basic. /sigh tbh/ so if anyone would lend me a hand that'll be great ; w ;
    edit: forgot to mention my IGN LOL its Jaegyu
  • Life skill revamp please

    God its like /that one guy/ all over again. No one has the stamina to sit there and gather the needed materials and to craft something that only gives you .005 per, even with complete skill exp pots. It still takes too damn long.
  • Ridiculous Lag

    Not tech savvy, just wanted to say dang you savage for using school internet. My school actually had a meeting with us and told us that using their internet for our own personal use was breaking the law etc.

    On topic, I deal with lag as well. I put in an ethernet cable though that seemed to have steadied it a small bit, but otherwise idk.
  • Broken percentages

    End the failure at 99%. "Oh you're crafting thing with 99% success? Here, let's throw in that 1% chance of failure!"
    I don't think real life is like that. How /unlucky/ do you have to be, to get that 1% if this was real life xD
  • Life skill revamp please

    +1 To the life skills that aren't tied to any talent to be tied to a talent for easier grinding. I'm working on magic craft and I use 3 training seals from lantern event to get 30.00 and then ap train the rest of it to rank it. Easy way, but I know I wont get r1 before the event ends and then it'll be a pain to get 30.00 ;( if it was tied to a life talent it'd be a bit easier.