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May 24, 2016
  • re:Zero 2nd Titles Someone could list all of them in this bug/glitch thread in case it's an error.
  • Guild War is coming!

    @Amelia Yes, unfortunately service is required. The cash shop offers a 1 day of either service if you wanted to try that if you can't purchase the full 30 day service. Then just meet your 5 guild member requirement for the event an create your guild title before the 1 day expires. This should still hopefully work since a friend did this during one of the past guild title events.
  • Forum Issues and Bugs

    @muffinman038 Hello. You will need to create a bug report thread for the typo. The guidelines can be found on this page.

    Once you have gathered all the information, you can create the report in the main Bug and Glitches forum section.
  • Puck Game Board Pieces [RE:Zero Event!]

    death_mark wrote: »
    How to you use all your puck spins in one go? i find it tiring right-clicking and pressing "use" every single time

    It's much faster if you hold the CTRL key and then left click the spin tokens to "use" them.
  • On the subject of being warned

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    You know what, my bad. Sorry, thanks for taking the time to clean it.

    Transparency helps people from making assumptions, but obviously my assumptions here were wrong and for that I apologize.

    I'm sorry it took a bit before it was placed back into the General section. Normally it's done in a timely manner, but sometimes there can be a delay when we have to wait for advice, help, approval, etc before any changes/action can be made.
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    make the edit and bold the section they edited (or some other kind of stand out-ish thing), then at the bottom of the comment go

    EDIT: explanation of the correction so that the action is not repeated in the future and reminder that there will be consequences for repeating these actions
    ~[NAME OF MOD]

    So we don't have this issue in the first place. Sure it's more work for the vfms, but that's just it, volunteer if it's too much work then step down and let someone else who will do it step up.

    Thank you for your concern. Feedback is good. In regards to Zephy's thread, it was placed into a hidden section for review/cleanup, and then a post was made to it by me after it was moved back.

    In regards to moderation notices in general, just because you don't see one, doesn't always mean that it wasn't done.

    Sometimes a comment isn't made publicly but rather a PM could be sent to the forumer when something gets moderated. This allows for privacy to the person who's being moderated instead of "calling them out" openly on the forum. At times, a notice can be made within a thread or a comment can be stated within the moderated post. Then there are times when it's obvious as to why something has been moderated.

    Additionally, we lost a couple VFMs last year and only recently got some new ones. There had also been some moderation testing/changes going on this past year. Some worked, some didn't.

    If anyone ever has any questions, concerns, or feedback involving moderation or even general forum questions, they're welcome and encouraged to contact a moderator here on the forum. We can also be reached on Discord in the Unofficial Mabinogi Discord server.