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Last Active
May 24, 2016
  • Add a way to accelerate "Rescue the Scout" mission

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Ugh, the rouge moderator is back at it again... Moving suggestion threads to general discussion.
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Can we just have a redo on forum mods? Why is this constantly an issue.

    Actually, the issue is with the forum section category resetting when an OP edits the first post of their thread. It will default to the General forum section and if the OP isn't paying attention to this, then that is where the thread will end up when they save the edit. For some reason I see this happen mainly with Feedback/Suggestion threads.

    If you see something out of place, you can report it with the Report feature to make moderators aware. I'll move this back to that section in a moment.
  • Puck Game Board Pieces [RE:Zero Event!]

    death_mark wrote: »
    How to you use all your puck spins in one go? i find it tiring right-clicking and pressing "use" every single time

    It's much faster if you hold the CTRL key and then left click the spin tokens to "use" them.
  • Wooden Blade missing a melee tag.

    RRM wrote: »
    I made it in bugs, then it got moved into incomplete (I was missing the server/IGN stuff), I flagged it for moving back but it looks like a VFM modes it here instead of the bugs section.

    Just an FYI. Any time an OP makes an edit to the first post of a their thread, it will usually default to the General forum section. This is usually why threads are found out of place if they weren't made in that section originally. It's best to always double check the category before saving the edit, but as Gaea already mentioned, you can edit and change the category any time if need be.
  • the lag on my human is really bad

    Is the lag a sort of a stutter? Check your in game settings for a setting called "Hide Quest Info". I had a human alt that was unplayable because of the lag that this setting caused, but once this setting was activated the lag instantly vanished.

  • About the Black Swan Outfit Coupon

    Paxseko wrote: »
    Thank you, Greta! Sure hope they change it... it's tough to remember that on Saturdays I need to log on to a certain character-- and don't accidentally cc to get a daily like I did this morning :/

    If I could count the times I've done this during events. Always logging on my Alexina character before I log onto my main Mari character.

    I suggest filing a ticket, just to be on the safe side so at least they would have your ticket as proof that you have the issue. You can always close the ticket if need be.

    Ask support if they are able to take the coupon from character A and transfer it to character B for you. This was something they didn't mind doing in the past so hopefully they are still willing to help.