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Last Active
May 24, 2016
  • Alt abuse on Attendance Event

    Remaking a thread to continue a removed or locked discussion is not allowed. The previous threads had been placed into a hidden section for the Nexon staff to review; they were not deleted.

    Please contact Support to report any in game abuse. I know it sucks. I hate it too. Unfortunately, the forum is not the place to report in game abuse, plus the topic becomes to heated.

    You're welcome to contact me or the other VFMs through the PM feature if need be, though I'm not sure of much help we can be on the issue.
  • Essential Erinn Pack

    I am getting many mix messanges. 3 say its cards and like 5 says its whistles. I need the cards so I can rebirth my pet.

    Good news! I found out that this package does give pet cards!
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    Kemaly wrote: »
    We need a pet search bar. I have like 50 pets and looking for something can be such a pain, and a lot have it worse

    Although I haven't used it yet, there is an option already in game to make tabs for your pets so that they can be organized. You could make a tab for Life Skill Supplies (for example) and then place all your pets that contain materials into that tab, and then give each pet a note stating what materials are contained in their inventories. Just an FYI in case you weren't aware of it. :)
  • Event Heads Up

    Gaea wrote: »
    Who else hasn't bothered with the events in the last few days?

    I need 4 more notes... been massacring bears for 2 weeks... just 4 more...

    Or spam the kitchen dungeon. Took me about an hour or so to complete my book from in there.
  • Need help with pricing!

    Hi. I've moved your thread to the Mari marketplace section. It's ok to post price check threads there. Good luck!