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Last Active
May 24, 2016
  • Last Post Wins

    Sherri wrote: »
    guys im scared
    Mari channel 2 is completely empty
    nobody is in Dunby or Belvast
    (ok well like 2-5 ppl)

    is everyone really that salty over that interface reset?

    Try ch. 1

    This. Ch2 crashed earlier in the week and everyone moved to Ch1. :P
  • Colors on clothing

    Hmm I've never heard of the RGB showing up on equipment view before (legally) and I've been playing since 2009. Others have recommended external tools before to help with finding colors but I can't remember the names of them. You might be able to try using a screenshot of your character with an already dyed outfit and uploading it to a site, such as Adobe Color, to help with acquiring a color scheme.
  • Can we have Shaggy Perm back?

    My elf still has this hairstyle and I absolutely refuse to rebirth her so she won't lose it. I wish it was made available to us again but the first time was a glitch, which caused issues for some players (i think something about it showing up in the ego feeding window and players were feeding their hair to their ego which broke their character?). I also think Nexon said it would never be made available to use since it was never intended for player customization. Nevertheless, I definitely support this!!
  • How to become a VFM?

    @Samuelalex If your implying that favoritism or bias has been playing a part into why your guild has not been featured on Mabinogi social media yet, then your are very incorrect. There have been a few other guilds featured recently. I don't know what criteria, if any, that is looked for when selecting a guild to be featured, but perhaps they just select one at random when viewing the guild recruitment forum sections.

    I know there has been some issues between you and a few others for many months now and that issues were also discussed many months ago privately with you by another VFM. I know it sucks, but as long as forum rules are not being broken, there really isn't anything that can be done. I recommend keeping things private through the forum's PM feature to prevent issues and drama publicly, and that hopefully everyone can work out a solution to get along.
  • August 21st Eclipse!

    We are preparing for the chaos. :P The resort town my fiance and I work in, Jackson, WY, is expecting over 100k people for the eclipse. We will be working the day of it and I hope we can find parking at our workplace. Not looking forward to the crowds and traffic though lol.

    I've seen a couple lunar eclipses years ago, but this will be my first solar eclipse. We already have our glasses ready for it!