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  • Where is my Sweet Bait?

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    I don't suppose it would have gotten stuck in your extra equipment slots, if you had maybe used them during the time when they gave everyone a free coupon to use them.

    Can you check the extra equip slots? You can still take equipment out of them once they're expired.
    It's the icon that's two crossed swords.
    Wow, yup, that was it! Many thanks :3 I had been wondering about that sweet bait ever since I got that igloo xD I completely forgot about the extra equip slots cuz they're an NX feature >.<
  • Regarding (mainly) American-based questions in XO

    I have noticed there's actually new questions, which are not in the wiki so I'm just winging it by looking at the Joemeter since if a lot are on the right answer the meter goes down, and when they leave the right answer the meter goes up.
    Well dang, if there's new questions, can't fully rely on the wiki or google D:
    Sounds like a good idea to watch the meter xD

    Why not google? Cuz nexon says Kobe Bryant was born in Los Angeles instead of Philadelphia [noparse]>.<[/noparse]
    Ferghus must've helped make the event, cuz somebody's hand was slippin when they assigned the answer to that question ;)
  • (Video) I'm likin this free Tap Dance Floor Board

    Haha, glad to see I'm not the only one that liked the idea ;D
  • (Video) I'm likin this free Tap Dance Floor Board

    I don't visit the forums all too often, but I get the feeling that stuff like this is Daraeus's territory xD
    So here you go Daraeus:

    Edit: Video edited to fix audio (fix is above)
    (This link has da video with messed up audio)

    LittleCeciAncient_yariYuechiiRirichioNegumikoDaraeusShoogAerenVimiZintackand 5 others.
  • We just defied gravity

    A great easter-egg for this would be to make it teleport you to a moon map or something if you go above a certain height (and then it should properly clean up the floating platform of course). Sounds like a better idea than fixing it so you can't do it anymore xD
    [Deleted User]