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  • Permadeath Server

    besides even tho it is not ''that'' difficult to train combat skills, to re train several talents (which you will need for utility, coverage for weakness expample ranged for mobs resistance to physical and for the stats you gain from skill ranks) would be a serious pain
  • Permadeath Server

    i do not have any interest in this myself and i highly doubt there there will be enough ppl who would want this for Nexon to even consider it (why would they make a server only a few ppl would be willing to play on).
    In my opinion mabi would not work well with a perma death system like you are suggesting due all the grinding of training skills and getting the best equipment/fashion that mabi has.
  • Hotkey For Auction House

    Seriously the fact that a suggestion thread has to be made to ask for the auction house which is used (and i meant to be used) so much to be hotkey-able is sad and unbelievable. The auction house should had been hotkey-able when it released and is a great oversight that isn't.

    I really hope that a hotkey option will be added for the auction house because it will easier and you won't have to have the bottom bar open to manually open the auction house
  • Shyllien Nature Reserve Main Complex visual bug

    This bug has existed as long as the Shyllien Nature Reserve itself.

    What happens is that when you go to Shyllien District 1 or District 2 and then go back to the Main Complex some spots in the Main Complex will have a visual bug where they become comepletely black spots with no features (see screenshot)

    This should not happen and should be fixed so that when you return to the Shyllien Main Complex from one of the other districts the visuals of the Main Complex will be shown correctly without black areas.

    IGN: Dalane
    Server: Mari
  • Small Gems renamed to Marbles

    Important update, people! So thanks to this post that highlights the "Imp's Diary" book: I now see that these gems ARE supposed to be marbles!

    Quote from book:
    I exchanged the green marbles with blue marbles, and then the blue marbles to red marbles. Soon I'll have silver marbles!!!
    but the humans took it all...
    That's it!! They'll pay for this!!!

    Quote the second:
    Finally...finally, I got the silver marble! I grinded it and made it into Mana powder!
    I hid it safely in a treasure chest!!! Now, even if Ogre comes back I'll be okay!

    ...The humans took it all...

    So there you have it. What more proof do we need? I believe this is the most pressing issue we face as Mabi players, and the fate of the game itself, maybe even the fate of NEXON, rests upon fixing this injustice. Thank you.[/quote

    well it seems that the imp from this story lost his marbles ;)