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Last Active
  • Petition to bring back 3d animated login screens

    The animated logins always had the benefit of not running up the framerate to absurd values exceeding 3000. I have to use a limiter to avoid a high pitched whine coming off my graphics card while in the login. It's been so long since we had animated logins I thought I just imagined them.
  • Try Talking to Storybook Tir NPCs!

    The Blaanid and Eiry conversations were fun to go through.
  • Someone set this man's pants on fire

    The literal only way to frame this as a truth is that you get more attempts at the same enchant scroll. That's it.
  • Blaanid's Flower Box Stamp Quests

    It's fast if you're already stacked for commerce, but that's it. (And more commercing with the accessories means even lower profits for people who don't have em, don't envy that frustration.)

    It sure is a lot of gems though. A LOT of gems. I think I've seen 3 things that weren't gems, 2 AP 30 pots and I think a sulfur spider pass?

    It is clearly designed to be something where you get a flower box that maybe gives you something good for existing day to day like you always have. I don't think spamming multiple boxes a day (Or hour) was really the intention.
  • Guild Wars Exploit

    Are we literally trying to discuss human psychology to deflect from what seems like a pretty obvious design flaw in a system?

    Make it leader/officer (maybe senior) only to kick off, or require the initiator to be in a party of a minimum number of guild members before it converts into the 20 man group.

    Or just make it a choice in guild settings what level of member you need to be to have the power to initiate the guild war participation.

    This is an exploit. Exploits don't need "vetting" to fix, they need to be patched, especially now that it's come to public attention.