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  • How do you give uniforms to the squires?

    yumitzu wrote: »
    I did the 100mob kills and got the 10coins but no baltane reward box?

    Reward boxes are only available from avalon bridge and knights of the round table. Nowhere to Run and Gatekeeper are essentially exp/gold/skill grinding montages.
  • Bachram's Potential Pages Thread

    Yeah, I got page 4 in gatekeeper from a giant crystal wolf. This theory has legs.
  • Instant Heartbreak


    Kanna killed a mob in avalon bridge and she got the Eiren's letter drop.
  • coil abyss advanced pass

    I always found the boss very easy. Sephirot is telegraph incarnate.

    If he raises his hands to ensnare, you load defense, it will cancel your defense but not damage you. When he jumps, a red or green circle means you get underneath him, you will take only 100 damage, less if you load defense with a shield. If he jumps yellow, you move away from him.

    During either of these types of attacks, he takes extra damage, so its in your best interest to slam your highest burst during those moments.

    Your life is even easier if you have soul link from G20 and are using either ninja or chain blade. If you throw smokescreen or pull yourself with anchor rush in the instant before he lands from a jump, you will take no damage whatsoever.

    I should recant my "very easy" statement before, Sephirot can be an aggravating fight, but he is a boss designed with mechanics that can be turned to your advantage. His regular swipe which he will employ occasionally is his most dangerous attack after you master his other attacks.

    Edit: OH! The monsters he spawns. Important. If you kill 3 or more of his monsters, he will be eligible to spawn an entirely new set. If you only kill 2, you can avoid being swarmed while fighting the boss.
    [Deleted User]
  • Dorcha crystals

    I've found another 5th crystal well after finishing the quest and getting the skill. So that's confirmed.