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  • Chain Slash Hidden Talent Titles?


    That's all the hybrid talent titles I have. You usually don't get any new ones after Great. Black Knight didn't fit with all the others so it's there on the right.
    BlissfulkillpawcalypseSherriMegitron[Deleted User]KokoroKiraxLoli
  • new bingo roulette event

    What upsets me most is I was really in high hopes for the event, but taking away the monster dropped coins means that many people will be stuck with the same board for the entire event, without finishing it once.

    And you want us to finish 3 boards to guarantee the squirrel bag? The only reason this is going to get past notice is because I don't think most people want the bag, but there's going to be some who do, and can't get it, because you took out the only thing that makes this a non-AFK event.
  • event that we might have during flight expansion

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    On a related note, I kind of hope that they did at least a little bit of touching up on the maps themselves.
    If they didn't, it's gonna be even easier to see all those white splotches of untextured land outside of the normal walking boundaries.

    Oh man, I forgot about the giant white chocolate bar masses in the outskirts of the emain macha map. Those are crazy.
    [Deleted User]
  • event that we might have during flight expansion

    I'm not a doki doki fan. I ache for the event to end every time it begins.

    Although it has a little more daily staying power than the roulette bingo event does (that's my own fault, I spam hydra in cooking dungeon until I clear the board, then I've got nothing to do for the rest of the day.)

    As for flying itself, I mostly like the idea of being able to fly in sen mag and gairech, or that's what I would say, if moon gates weren't 6 feet away at any given time.
    [Deleted User]
  • Best melee 2H?

    However, if you're over current level 100, you can use the giant's racial Ladeca skill to double bash with the Black Dragon Knight's Giant Sword, since it pushes close combat weapons over to the next step up in speed classes.

    The uptime wouldn't be enough for sustained usage, but for a boss it'd give you enough.
    [Deleted User]