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  • Best melee 2H?

    You wouldn't use a blue special upgrade. The main thing that makes the black dragon knight's giant sword undesirable is that it cannot get the crit damage bonus from red ups.

    In the current statistical atmosphere in Mabi, the breakpoint for whether a red upped weapon surpasses a blue is very low. This same concept applies to the black dragon knight's giant sword.

    I don't have the exact calculations, but I can assure you that as you near the mid-game point, red special upgraded weapons will outperform blue weapons, and these gacha "Super" weapons in almost every situation.

    Also, bash has everything to do with the equation. If you're asking "What's the best weapon?" You consider all aspects of the question, one of which is the DPS. So maybe you only deal 95% of your damage with a new sword on a bash, but you can bash with it twice as fast, you're definitely doing more damage.

    Add on enchants for another, let's just say 30-40 damage, and the black dragon knight's giant sword only has the advantage that you only need to obtain one to get the best performance out of it (Minus reforges, which are an even playing ground other than the fact that many gacha BDKs come with r1 preforges.)

    The question had already been answered twice.

    If you're sword and shielding as a giant, a step 5/6 red upgraded, an enchanted fanatic greatsword or frosted Borealis blade is preferable to the black dragon knight giant sword, if not now, then later when you have more base stats.

    And if you're looking for a true two-hander, the celtic royal warrior axe or royal warrior hammer with red ups and enchants are also good contenders.

    In both cases, your average damage per hit will be higher.

    Edit: Running the numbers shows a much closer gap than I am portraying. The break point for a fanatic greatsword with step 6 red to overtake the black dragon knight giant sword is higher than I recognized. The calculations I did were not accounting for any enchants, titles or music buffs, and only projected singular smash values (no bash, as it heavily favors the fanatic), however. The ultimate conclusion I draw is that a step 6 red fanatic greatsword will still win out over the black dragon knight's giant sword in the late-game, but not the "Mid-game" as I previously stated.

    In the long run, you are free to use whichever weapon you choose. If the BDK serves you well, there's no reason to go hanging it up, but you did ask "What should I use instead?" and the community answered.

    As an aside, the absolute best melee two-hander is the soluna blade. With higher base stats than the BDK, the ability to special upgrade and enchant, and double bash.

    Or so the legend goes.
    [Deleted User]
  • Best melee 2H?

    Most weapons can beat the black dragon knight giant sword when fully upped/special upped.

    Fanatic Greatsword and Frosted Borealis blade both give giants double bash with a two-hander. The fanatic's pretty easy to get, the borealis would be a significantly more involved process, since, at least for me, the drop rates on the giant materials is abysmal.

    Also a good celtic royal warrior axe goes a long way with wind guard's full swing, if you can keep up your stamina (Be warned that wind guard has developed a nasty habit of locking your character down.)
    [Deleted User]
  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    Buffalos wrote: »

    That sounds like a pretty huge oversight. That needs a Bug Report written on it, if one hasn't already been made.

    Unfortunately, it might be intended, I'd like to believe it isn't, but for example, in Lorraine's nightmare events (And Festia when it was added) ice spear still operates under its old system of making an enemy unable to be hit, but smash can still inflict its secondary bonuses.

    Also in the dan test they do say something about secondary skill effects being removed, I can't recall the exact wording, but I believe I've seen something like that.
  • No event

    ~waxes on~

    Once, long ago, in the before times. There were actually periods where the event tag wasn't perpetually on every channel of every server. They say if you listen carefully, you can still hear the sounds of people playing without being dragged this way and that by a convoluted series of events or AFKing for points.

    That said, I tend to prefer a nice, non-afk, but at your own pace sort of event to be around, something I can ignore if I want, but still do if I'm inclined, and not feel like I was left out or cheated either way.
    KokoroBuffalosSacamiImaizumiyessiree[Deleted User]
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Arjune wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    ShouK wrote: »
    How to get SS rank for Dan 3 Magic Craft?? I finished with around 3 minutes and 15 seconds left and barely got S rank let alone SS..And that's after restarting 4 times...that 120k wasted..

    If you're having to make something in high amounts (like for Engineering Hex Bolts/Nuts x 80), unclick the Queue Items button and you'll make then of them in the span you make one with the box checked. You'll save a lot of time that way.

    that unfortunately doesn't work for magic craft and engineering, and I'm trying to be the least rude as possible when I ask you to please not spread that misinformation. it works for potion making and stuff, but has never worked for engineering and magic craft since the initial release of those skills

    As has been stated, it does work for nuts and bolts specifically, it produces 10 at a time. However that's only useful in the hillwen test, not magic craft.