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  • Dan effects, Show them off!

    Pannya wrote: »
    Liar, if you want attention go get a dog, my experience is "no boost from blacksmith dan", whatever you think is your problem, the only boost that actually exist came from the grandmaster and good clicking skills.


    The only part I messed up was that the r1 bonus was only 3 balance, not 5.

    I don't make claims based off "Experience." I have figures.
    IyasenuMikuV3TheNyanCat[Deleted User]
  • Ancient Powder cakes are a Lie

    Come on, you've got enough plat hammers locked away in secret to bring it back to the field, right?
  • AP training... too grindy

    Tabari wrote: »
    Not for me, when ever I try and do that, the list resets the next time I log back in.

    It only keeps the first 10 entries in a tab. All of them after that will get reset.
  • Forced Solo Memory Dungeons need to be removed

    Once upon a time. I did the first G1 RP with someone. You weren't /allowed/ to solo it then, so the three of you got Mari, Tarlach, or Ruairi.

    At that point in the game, the power of those characters seemed unfathomable to the never rebirthed, paid content only player I was (At the time, you got a week of the premium when you started, and most junk was locked behind that wall.)

    We've grown to the point where even in saga when the RP characters are blowing through everything in an effort to show how far /they've/ advanced. That these NPCs still can't measure up to our power.

    I'm sorry new players can't get that feeling of immense growth from point A to point B, since they already seem to start at about 20% of the total growth as a player, and steamroll all those dungeons the RP characters slog through.

    Most of the RPs just aren't worth the time they take to do as the characters anymore. They've lost most of their charm.

    The G2 animal RP is important, it was always meant to be a bit of a challenge. The problem is they changed it so you cannot gain skill experience in RPs anymore. Meaning you can never rank your novice counter up to F. That particular RP has only gotten more difficult over time.

    Honestly, I don't really care what happens to the RPs anymore, I have my memories.
    BlissfulkillAlmostNotsuperTheNyanCatWolfandWolfAeolysNilremFeliceLiberateHawkleafRoyaltyand 1 other.
  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    Greta wrote: »

    Look at that Remaining: 120 and 50. It looks kinda awful and new players will be like "120 what? Days? Hours? Minutes? What IS THAT!?" now. Looks pretty confusing.

    Yeah, basically.

    I mean, I know it's minutes, and that's the only thing it's ever been. It looks awkward is all. I'm sure I can get over it, but it just seemed to come out of the blue, which leads me to believe something got messed up with the patch. Especially since they didn't make any mention of it.