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December 30, 1991
  • More Animals as Pets/Mini-Gems and Homestead Items

    As I'm running the Moonlight Dreams quests, I'm wishing we could get the Mad Sheep and Mad Cow as HS items too. Another perfect sheep for my flock. =(
  • Seal Stone Idea

    In favor of them resetting at least once a year... I am really disappointed that I didn't even get to see a seal stone today. Some of us can't just skip work for that sort of thing. =/

    I voted monthly but personal vote? At least once a year with a plaque nearby listing every user who managed to break it. So their name would still always be engraved in Mabi history, just... they'd have to share it with a few more people.
  • More Animals as Pets/Mini-Gems and Homestead Items

    Speaking of homestead animals, wouldn't it be neat if they just let the animals roam around on their own?
    It would be nice if ducks and geese were introduced as well. And since turkey exists as an ingredient, why not have actual turkeys?

    Oh gosh yes, I would love if they could roam around instead of watching my sheep awkwardly spin around in that predetermined pattern.
  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    I'd love to see...

    Naco Commerce - Really looking forward to when this event rolls out again, because it offers a lot of really great homestead items that I want to decorate my newly enlarged homestead! I need some glittering trees and there's some other items I want, so this is really top of my list.

    Animal Dungeon - I've missed this event every time it's run and it'd be fun to have my pets tackle this dungeon.

    Monster Dodge - I was really disappointed that this one got postponed. =( I missed it last time it was run too and I really want to get those sheep transformation medals.
  • More Animals as Pets/Mini-Gems and Homestead Items

    I would love to see more animals introduced into Mabi as pets and homestead items, as I am an avid collector and they are my favorite parts of the game!

    Pets / Mini-Gems:
    • Goldfish - A tiny goldfish pet or mini-gem to swim through the air around us. Would be awesome as a pet due to the hilarity of watching it take on creatures several times its size. It would be great if it could be color selectable and able to be dyed for different colored fish.
    • Hamster - A tiny hamster to follow us around and possibly fight things. Mabi needs more tiny pets killing big things. It has quite the entertainment value. Same as the goldfish, it would be nice to have color options for it.
      (Edit: I realize that a Hamster pet does exist, but I'd like a cute tiny hamster for amusement, not a weird hamster man.)
    • Cats and Dogs - Realized that there is only the one mini-gem for the retriever. We could use more dogs and especially some cat mini gems! I'd like to hang out in my homestead with one of my feline pets, my Halloween Cat, and another furry companion at my feet! Good for some crazy cat lady screenshots.

    Homestead Items:
    • Fishbowls and Aquarium Tanks - I would love to see some fishbowls and aquariums made available for our homesteads, in different shapes and sizes.
    • Cats and Dogs - We could use more cats and dogs! Especially dogs, since we have the Halloween Cat, but I wouldn't complain if we got more cat options. I would especially love if we could get some dogs with the same model as the strays that roam Tara. If we could get a few of these introduced, a cat and dog-themed event would be a great way to distribute them! =D
    • Sheep - As a homestead sheep-collector nearing her 5 sheep limit, I would love to get some more cosmetic sheep like the Paper Sheep to expand my flock. Pan and the Tara Sheep and Caldera Goat NPCs would make great reskins. (Also Cotton Candy Sheep and the Mad Sheep from the Moonlight Dreams event. Could add the Mad Cow too.)
    • Blackened Far Darrig - I was very disappointed when I learned that you could not get a Blackened Far Darrig Figure like you could get of the other four. It would be nice if we could complete the set (or just get the black one if it happens to be your favorite like it is mine).
    • Birds - Both cage birds and farm birds- like pigeons, doves and parrots, or ducks, geese, and turkeys.

    IGN: Yoriden
    Server: Ruairi