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December 30, 1991
  • Generation 21: The Final Chapter Events!!!

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    I think it would be best to just remove the possibility of doing a gen unless you completed every story part up to that point. so basically just having to play through g1 in order to be able to start g2. in other words, to start g19, you have complete everything, all the way from g1 up to g18. and remove any option of skipping a generation.

    as for g21, I'm very hyped about it. contrary to most people I actually like the story. when I saw the micro-site pop up instead of the usual main page, I was like, OMGOMGOMG, it's finally coming

    Oh please no, G19 was one of the first storylines I completed. =< I'd be sad if I had to complete everything before G20, because that's the one that gives you Divine Link and that's one of my favorite skills.

    I'd much rather have multiple generations available so I have more options of what to work on. Like at the moment I'm somewhere in the middle of Alchemist and Saga 2 because they're both boring me to death, and I just started G7, so I pick them off a little at a time depending on which one I feel like taking on. It's nice to have that option.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, G19 was tough as heck but... sometimes you just gotta do some research, stock up, and power through it.
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Guys, the inventory of the pet has always been that small. It was brought out in KR years ago with a 2x2 inventory. It's honestly just a cute little pet. And from what I have heard, it's not too rare!

    I hope I can get one relatively quickly, just so I can be done with this event already. XD But my luck is usually pretty terrible with RNG so... fingers crossed.
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    I don't know why I even want the Mini Thunderbird at this point... its inventory is so tiny and 10 hours is a hell of a long time to have my computer tied up with Mabi running in the background. There are some things I can get away with doing while Mabi is idling, but using Photoshop or playing any other game isn't one of them.

    Can we please get this time frame shortened? It's ridiculous to be idling on a game for half a day just to receive 1-2 random gifts. Even if it was reduced to 5 hours, that would be a hell of a lot better than 10.
  • Riding Cows!

    I'd like to see rideable cow pets, either as an adjustment to the current cow pet or a new version of the cow that is rideable, perhaps called Riding Steer. It could be a popular addition just for the "silly" factor, although riding steers are an actual thing- as you can see:

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    Server: Ruairi