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May 28, 1993
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  • Isn't it about time we let giants and elves marry?

    I don't support this. Elves and Giants are never meant to be together.
    Except this is said in the game...literally never.

    Taunes and Atrata fell in love while the feud was going on. That doesn't mean all elf and giant couples are doomed, especially now that the war is officially over.
  • Isn't it about time we let giants and elves marry?

    With the rebirth of the forums, you knew this topic would show up eventually! I mean come on, the war between these two races has been canonically over for a couple of years now? There are so many milletian couples that can't be wed because of this silly, outdated feud. Plus now with Ailla saying that apparently she and Art are an item, we now have two official giant/elf NPC couples in the game (Taunes and Atrata being the most famous one). Pretty much everyone else has a place to get married, regardless of gender. I think it's high time that these two races can do the same with each other.

    If a location to make this happen is the problem, we do have a few options:

    - Add a wandering priest NPC somewhere in Iria that can wed the two players
    - Have Kousai in Cor be in charge of elf/giant marriages
    - Have Emain Chapel wed humans and elf/giant couples
    - Remove the limitations on all three chapels and have any couple looking to get hitched simply pick which one they find the most aesthetically pleasing

    Please make this happen, some way! So many players have been asking for this for years!
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