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  • Mafia Mini-game Curtain doesn't fall at night

    4a. When playing the Mafia mini-game, the curtain that blocks player interaction with the game does not fall at night (though the Night Time pop-up does occur). All players remain able to see each other/the game room, and can chat normally if they are still alive. This is primarily a visual issue, but does have gameplay ramifications: i.e., players can still discuss things with each other in the middle of the night when they wouldn't normally be able to. This means that roles which gather information in the night can immediately dispense that information to other players, even if they die in the same night (death prevents players from speaking in general chat from that point forward, as they are moved into Spectator chat). Normally, they would not be able to reveal this information until the morning and only if they survive the night.

    4b. Play a game of Mafia (via Minigame Party with at least 6 players).

    4c. The curtain should fall and obscure view of the room that the game takes place in (but not of the game windows). Players should be unable to use normal chat (Mafia members and Spectators can still chat via the Mafia and Spectator chat tabs in the game window, respectively)

    6. Server: Ruairi
    IGN: Yamanoki
  • Skill Training Guide... for every skill

    I wrote a guide to training each skill in the game. You can read it here.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I play Mabinogi because it's the best game in existence atm.

    1) In a world where most MMORPGs are semi-clones of a select few original games, and most of them play out the same way with only minor IP-specific gameplay variations, Mabinogi has a number of unique aspects: the rebirth and skill system, the aesthetic, the storyline, and the overall open-worldness.

    2) While Mabinogi does have many bugs and optimization issues and weird glitches, I've gotten used to them to the point where they do not bother me anymore. I've played the game so long that I'm able to simply bask in the nostalgia - it's been my home for a long time and I wouldn't just /leave/ my home.

    3) The community. Unlike most games, Mabinogi (especially on my home server, Ruairi) has a very nice, tight-knit community, one that's so vast that the 200-character limit on the friend list is a real heckin' problem. I have so many friends on Mabinogi (product of playing for a long time)!!
    SebastianJazmyn[Deleted User]VaughanCrimsọnKensamaofmariCallanthe
  • Some chat features are broken

    1. Found it!

    2. Searched.

    3. Creating...

    4. a. Alt-codes that used to work, such as ALT-3 for the heart: ♥, no longer work in the general chat nor in friend-messages.

    Additionally, the <ttfenglish size=#> command to alter the font size of friend-messages no longer works.

    b. Try using an alt code or the aforementioned command.

    c. While some alt code symbols never appeared, both the ♥ and ♪ symbols used to work and no longer do. However, they will work in some chat windows, such as in the Nickname portion of the friends' list.

    The ttfenglish command should change the font size of the text that follows the closing > to whatever # was specified. However, what it does instead is simply send the entire command and the text after it as a default-sized message, as if the command no longer exists.

    5. The second, blank line is where the ♥ that I sent should be. unknown.png

    6. Yamanoki, on the Ruairi server.

    7. Since these issues are both presumably linked to the new chat system, I'm combining them. Feel free to separate them, I guess?

    8. pat-pat-ent pending
  • Dango's Christmas Event ♥ All gifts Posted ♥