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  • Skill Training Guide... for every skill

    I wrote a guide to training each skill in the game. You can read it here.
  • Some chat features are broken

    1. Found it!

    2. Searched.

    3. Creating...

    4. a. Alt-codes that used to work, such as ALT-3 for the heart: ♥, no longer work in the general chat nor in friend-messages.

    Additionally, the <ttfenglish size=#> command to alter the font size of friend-messages no longer works.

    b. Try using an alt code or the aforementioned command.

    c. While some alt code symbols never appeared, both the ♥ and ♪ symbols used to work and no longer do. However, they will work in some chat windows, such as in the Nickname portion of the friends' list.

    The ttfenglish command should change the font size of the text that follows the closing > to whatever # was specified. However, what it does instead is simply send the entire command and the text after it as a default-sized message, as if the command no longer exists.

    5. The second, blank line is where the ♥ that I sent should be. unknown.png

    6. Yamanoki, on the Ruairi server.

    7. Since these issues are both presumably linked to the new chat system, I'm combining them. Feel free to separate them, I guess?

    8. pat-pat-ent pending
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    I've uploaded a video example of my lightningbolt strategy. It's been added to my guide. Here's a direct link:
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Hello! I've written a guide on the Magic Dan Tests:

    I'll be continually updating it. At time of writing, I'm working on getting video recordings for all of the Dan 3 tests illustrating each of the strategies.

    Hope y'all find it helpful :)